Capsicum for Weight Loss

Capsicum for Weight Loss

Have you seen the stories swirling around capsicum supplements and their benefits for weight loss? This trendy supplement, derived from chili peppers, has been proven to promote faster weight loss than diet and exercise.

So, what is capsicum? And can you use capsicum for weight loss? Keep reading to find out more!

What is Capsicum?

Capsicum is the scientific name for the family of plants that contains hot peppers (aka red peppers or chili peppers).

This group includes bell peppers, jalapenos, cayenne, habanero and aji peppers, as well as several other species of hot peppers.

Almost all capsicum plants contain capsaicin, a hot chemical that produces the characteristic burning sensation associated with eating spicy peppers. The amount of capsaicin in each pepper varies by species, and how spicy it tastes varies from person to person.

Capsicums are native to the Americas but are now grown all over the world. Peppers have earned their place as a mainstay in many global cuisines and are now gaining traction in the wellness industry as well.

Experts praise capsicums’ ability to calm gastrointestinal upset, relieve pain, and promote weight loss. Depending on the intended purpose, capsicums or their extracts can be either ingested or applied topically (e.g., as a cream or gel).

Popular products that contain capsicums/capsaicin include:

  • Pain relief creams, gels, and patches (such as Capzasin, Zostrix, and Icy Hot Arthritis Relief)
  • Self-Defense Pepper Spray
  • Red Pepper Supplements

Is Capsicum Good for Weight Loss?

Studies show that capsicums and their natural capsaicin – the chemical that gives peppers their spice – can help you lose weight. They encourage slimming in two main ways.

First, it promotes the release of fat from storage in a process called lipolysis. Capsaicin activates lipase, which breaks down fat so that we can use it as fuel. After the fat is liberated from storage in our adipose tissue and released into the bloodstream, it then circulates in the bloodstream until it can be used as energy.

So, capsaicin may help us burn fat more efficiently than with diet and exercise alone. This is one major benefit of capsicum for weight loss. When we use fat as an energy source instead of carbs, it results in more weight and inches lost.

Capsicums and the capsaicin they contain also promote thermogenesis. Have you ever eaten something super spicy and then immediately felt the blood rush to your face and break out in a sweat?

The capsaicin in hot peppers makes our bodies heat up from the inside out. But our bodies like to stay at a very specific temperature. So, when we eat a pepper (or supplement) that skyrockets our core temperature, our metabolism kicks into overdrive to cool the body back down.

A faster metabolism means more calories burned and faster weight loss. So, the promotion of thermogenesis is another reason that people commonly use capsicum for weight loss.

So, is capsicum good for weight loss? Definitely, but it’s not a magic solution. Capsaicin can promote the release of fat from cells and boost fat burn. Still, it’s up to you to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A combination of the right foods, adequate activity, and effective supplementation remains the key to reaching your weight loss and body composition goals.

In finding effective supplements, not all products are created equal. Capsimax®, for example, has become more and more popular as a desirable form of capsicum for weight loss.

How is Capsimax® Different than Other Capsicum for Weight Loss?

Capsimax® is a unique capsicum extract product that comes in patented encapsulation to prevent gastrointestinal problems.

Why is this important? Capsicums and their capsaicin have lots of health benefits, but not everyone can tolerate the heat. Many people avoid spicy foods and capsaicin pills because the burn upsets their stomachs or other parts of their GI tract.

So, Capsimax® provides the ideal solution: a concentrated capsaicinoid (capsaicin) extract encapsulated in an anti-heat protector! This allows you to take Capsimax® and reap the supplement’s many benefits without any unwanted side effects.

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