Morning Tips For All-Day Weight Loss

6 Morning Tips For All-Day Weight Loss

We all know that eating breakfast is crucial, and if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s smart to make your morning meal count.

Eating a good, healthy breakfast is a great habit to have in order to boost weight loss and long-term weight management. Hit your goals in no time with these great breakfast-boosting tips, all of which are backed by scientific research!

1. Choose a Cereal with Larger Flakes

We all know that not all cereals were created equally and that opting for those with less sugar and more fiber is the best choice.

But, flake size also comes into the equation, according to a study by Penn State. Researchers crushed cereal to create four different sizes of flakes, and because the crushed cereal was denser when poured into a bowl, participants underestimated the number of calories in these bowls.

So, the lesson here is that choosing bigger flakes will allow you to consume fewer calories without even noticing the difference.

2. Add Some Eggs

Research has shown that eating two eggs in the morning can lead to more effective weight loss.

One of the reasons is the high amount of protein – about 5.5 grams in one medium egg – which keeps you feeling full and focused. They also contain a nutrient called choline, which not only improves nervous system function and cardiovascular health but also helps to break down fat.

3. Have a Bigger Breakfast

A heartier morning meal might mean more calories, but it may also mean more efficient weight loss. In a recent study, one group of participants ate 700 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch, and 200 at dinner, while another group ate 200 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch, and 700 at dinner.

After 12 weeks, the 700-calorie breakfast group had lost two and a half times more weight than the other group, most likely because metabolism is at its most efficient in the a.m.

But it’s important to make these calories count and not just eat for the sake of it and gorge on empty calories. Instead, think fiber, protein, fruit, and veg, as all of these will keep you feeling full for longer, so you won’t resort to snacking later.

4. Stock Up On Protein Early

If eggs aren’t your thing, there are other great sources of protein to help keep you feeling full throughout the morning.

Protein works to reduce hunger by producing a powerful hormone called peptide YY, which signals feelings of fullness to the brain.

In one study, participants who ate protein at breakfast reported feeling less hungry and were shown to eat fewer snacks during the day. Other sources of protein you could work into your breakfast are Greek yogurt, dried fruits, lean meat, oily fish, and tofu. Even if you don’t have much time, you can drink a glass of skimmed milk, which gives you 8 grams of protein and only 90 calories.

5. Eat Oatmeal

A bowl of high-fiber, low-sugar cereal is great, especially if you follow tip one and choose cereals with larger flakes. However, a bowl of oatmeal is possibly even better.

According to a recent study, participants who ate a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast reported feeling less hungry and more satisfied than people who ate the same amount of calories in cereal, all thanks to the magic of fiber! Upgrade your bland bowl of oats by trying a new topping every day, and brighten your morning with berries, seeds, peaches, nuts, apples, bananas, and cinnamon…the list is endless!

6. Spread Some Peanut Butter

Good news if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen – one of the easiest breakfasts is also one of the healthiest – peanut butter on toast!

In one study, participants who ate peanut butter in the morning had higher levels of peptide YY, the fullness-factor hormone mentioned previously. Researchers also found that the participant’s blood sugar levels also spiked less despite eating a carb-heavy lunch, so it seems this early dose of PB can even counteract blood sugar highs later in the day.

However, go easy when spreading, as a serving of two tablespoons of peanut butter contains about 190 calories.

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