Stop The Afternoon Snack Attack

Stop The Afternoon Snack Attack

If you’re all too familiar with 3 pm cravings that invariably lead you to the kitchen or vending machine in search of something to munch, then these six tips are just what you need to stop the afternoon snack attack!

1. Top Up On Magnesium

If chocolate is your go-to when you’ve got the afternoon munchies then you’re not alone. A University of Pennsylvania survey ranked chocolate as the most craved food there is, with over 50% of respondents saying it was their favorite snack. However, it may not be your sweet tooth that’s responsible for these cravings but rather a lack of magnesium in your body. Adding some spinach or kale to your lunch will top up your magnesium levels, or you could try new Phen Vites, the only multivitamin designed especially to support weight loss. Not only do Phen Vites contain magnesium to keep those chocolate cravings at bay, they also contain the weight-loss enhancer 5-HTP, energy-boosting B12 and many other essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to optimize your weight loss potential.

2. Do An Office Workout

According to experts at the National University of Singapore, a midday office workout could be the key to beating the afternoon snack attack. But, unlike these amazing ways to work out at work, all you need to do is clench your muscles to reap the benefits of craving control. The research found that when people experiencing cravings clenched and tightened their muscles, such as pulling in their abs or clenching their buttocks, they were more likely to turn down tempting foods. The researchers theorized that this technique was successful as people with tighter muscles generally have improved levels of willpower, and clenching served to mimic this effect.

3. Spice Up Your Lunch

Just as adding some spice to your food can help to cure a hangover without resorting to ruining your diet with greasy fried food full of bad fats, it can also boost weight loss by helping to stop afternoon cravings. Researchers have discovered that spicy foods like cayenne pepper could subdue hunger cravings because of how they interact with the trigeminal nerve, producing a thermogenic heating effect that simultaneously boosts metabolism and suppresses hunger. Our best-selling product, Phen Caps, also causes this thermogenic heating effect through its ingredients, Red Raspberry Ketone, Synephrine, and Methylsynephrine, therefore helping you to lose weight by controlling appetite and enhancing your metabolic rate.

4. Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Not only is chewing gum a way to burn calories without trying, research at the University of Rhode Island has also found that chewing gum in the morning can result in you eating around 67 fewer calories at lunch, while simultaneously reducing hunger levels in the afternoon. The authors of the study identified a link between chewing gum and the nerves in the jaw that are responsible for telling your brain when you’re full, so stimulating these nerves in the morning sends signals that indicate that eating more in the afternoon isn’t necessary. Just make sure the gum is sugar-free so that you don’t end up consuming empty calories by chewing on the sugar-loaded varieties of gum.

5. Pinch Your Hunger-Fighting Pressure Points

As well as these ways to lose weight without diet and exercise, acupressurists have long claimed that pinching your nose and earlobes can banish cravings for unhealthy foods, and now a team of researchers from Portland and Arizona have found this to be true. The researchers observed patients aiming to lose weight and found that those who used acupressure techniques to supplement their weight loss lost more weight than patients who relied on diet and exercise alone.

6. Go For A Complex Combo At Lunch

While breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, sometimes it’s difficult to eat anything more than a piece of fruit when you’re pushed for time in the morning. However, make sure that you avoid mindless snacking in the afternoon by taking a little extra time on your lunch, remembering to move away from your desk and give your food the attention it deserves. With some forward planning, it’s possible to eat a filling lunch which will keep you feeling full right through the afternoon. The key is to combine complex carbs such as brown rice or whole grain pasta, lots of vegetables, and a source of protein such as an omelet, lean meat or oily fish. Complex carbs are full of fiber, which is fantastic for appetite control because it slows down the speed at which your body absorbs nutrients and keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Combine that fiber with protein and healthy fats and this lunchtime combination will help you say goodbye to afternoon snacking for good.

Here you have six great tips to help avoid the afternoon snack attack, but if you still find yourself with the munchies around 3pm, it could also be related to low energy levels. After eating we often experience an afternoon slump that reduces our willpower and motivation, and which then leaves us more susceptible to these cravings. Make sure to give yourself the boost you need for weight loss success by adding Phen Caps to your daily routine. Not only will Phen Caps suppress your appetite to help reduce these cravings, they also boost your energy levels to stop the afternoon slump occurring in the first place, meaning you’ll be more motivated and energized to breeze through the afternoon without even thinking about food. The recommended dosage of Phen Caps is two per day, with the second capsule just before lunch keeping your energy levels up and your hunger at bay for the afternoon.