Lose Weight

When was the last time you described your workout as ‘fun’? This isn’t a word most people associate with exercise. Grueling? Yes. Arduous? Yes. Necessary? Yes. Definitely not fun! If loving exercise doesn’t come naturally to you, this article aims to help you find ways to inject a dose of...

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Cardio exercise has long been touted as an indispensable method for both dropping pounds and maintaining fitness. Ellipticals and stationary bikes are two of the most popular cardio machines in gyms and homes today. This makes sense: both offer a low-impact alternative to running, a popular activity that is nonetheless...

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As nice as it would be to have gym equipment in your home, for most of us this just isn’t an option and sometimes getting to the gym to do a full workout isn’t always possible. Incorporating exercises you can do at home into your workout routine is a great...

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