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What is phentermine?

Side Effects

Understand the most common side effects, including headache, dry mouth, and constipation.


Discover the dosage of phentermine tablets and capsules, which range from 4mg to 37.5mg.


We explain why you need a prescription for phentermine and who can take this medication.


Pre-existing medical conditions and drug combinations increase the risk of side effects.


PhenQ is the best alternative to phentermine.

Many people fear the strong and potentially life-threatening side effects of phentermine and ultimately decide NOT to take the medication.

Instead, over 190,000 people chose the natural phentermine alternative, PhenQ, which is proven to produce no side effects and is readily available without a prescription!

No Prescription Needed

Order PhenQ conveniently online without the hassle of scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

190,000+ Happy Customers

190,000 people who were contemplating trying phentermine opted to give PhenQ a shot and have never felt better in their lives!

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Natural Phentermine Alternatives

In addition to PhenQ, there are several other effective non-prescription alternatives to the popular weight loss medication.

PhenQ PM

PhenQ PM optimizes all 3 stages of nighttime fat-burning so you can melt excess pounds, crush hunger cravings, and reboot your metabolism.


PHEN24 delivers natural ingredients to support both your day and nighttime metabolism for even faster-slimming efforts!

Phen Caps

Phen Caps, made with natural ingredients in the USA, reduce cravings and burn fat effectively without any side effects.

Meal Shake

This powerful weight loss shake replaces a full meal, helps shed excess pounds naturally, boosts energy, and controls cravings.

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