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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss

Nov 20, 2017 4:29:02 PM

Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic disorders that undermines your body’s ability to use and store glucose. Glucose is the type of sugar that our bodies use for energy. When diabetes prevents your body from using glucose like it’s supposed to, the sugar builds up in your blood. This high concentration of glucose in the bloodstream is why people with diabetes are said to have high blood sugar (or high blood glucose).

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The 'Healthy' Foods You Should Avoid

Mar 7, 2017 12:56:45 PM

Trying to eat healthily isn’t easy; in our attempts to choose what’s best for our health and our waistlines, we can all be fooled by some clever marketing. But how do you know which foods to avoid for the best weight loss results with Phen Caps? Here we list some foods that might seem healthy but which are actually best left off your shopping list, and some ideas for what you should be eating instead.

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10 Added Benefits Of Weight Loss

Feb 10, 2016 10:44:42 AM

Why do you want to lose weight? To look better, feel better, get healthier? Maybe you want to be able to play with your children without getting out of breath, maybe you want to avoid heart disease or diabetes, or maybe you just want to fit into those jeans at the back of your wardrobe. Whatever your reasons, thinking back to these will keep you motivated in times of doubt or difficulty. However, as people progress and begin to see the results they had hoped for on the scale, they often begin to experience and notice even more added benefits to their weight loss than they had expected. Here we share 10 other added benefits that getting healthy will give you, showing you how much more you can gain as you progress on your weight loss journey to success.

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How Food Labels Lie

Feb 25, 2015 10:08:48 AM

food labels lie

We tend to trust food labels to tell us which foods are good for us, but in reality. food labels are just another form of advertising, and are often used to purposely mislead customers into thinking something is healthy when it’s actually far from it. But don’t worry, you'll never read a food label or nutrition facts label the same way after you learn these seven misleading food label pitfalls to avoid. 

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'Healthy' Nutrition Labels To Avoid

Nov 25, 2014 9:29:33 AM

healthy labels to avoid

Health sells, especially when it comes to food; according to a new survey, the healthiness of foods and drinks influences 61 percent of buying decisions. More and more supposedly healthy buzzwords are appearing on food packages, but they should be approached with caution as certain claims can be misleading. Here are some labels frequently found on packages and what they really mean.

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8 Healthy Foods To Boost Your Mood

Nov 20, 2014 9:33:45 AM

mood boost foods

It’s not uncommon to use food as a way of making ourselves feel better if we’re stressed, bored or lonely, but more often than not these foods are typically unhealthy ‘comfort’ foods which don’t help our waistlines, and do nothing to cure our negative moods either. Instead, we have some healthy foods which really do boost your mood while also helping you to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

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