Why You're Losing Money NOT Buying Weight Loss Products

Sep 9, 2014 10:07:43 AM

weight loss supplements

From super foods to diet drinks, there are always new reports on ways for us to boost our health and lose weight, but do any of these products really work, or are they just another way for us to lose dollars instead of pounds? Here we highlight some of the ways we might be wasting our money, instead of spending it on weight loss products which can give us the great results we really want.

1. 'Super' Foods

The food and diet industry are always promoting new 'super foods' which can help us lose weight, and while it may be true that these foods are beneficial to our health and may support weight loss by, for example, boosting metabolism, these foods alone will not directly help you to lose weight. What’s undoubtedly true, however, is that these super foods, such as chia seeds, goji berries, acai juice and cacao are almost always expensive, as they are imported and fluctuate in costs due to seasonal availability, meaning the food industry can keep the prices elevated throughout the year. Instead, take advantage of all the great value healthy foods that you can keep stored in your pantry, and make sure to buy local fresh produce which is cheapest when it’s in season. Weight loss supplements, however, generally stay at the same price all year round so you can budget accordingly, and unlike super foods, as they’re designed to specifically help you to lose weight, you’ll get great results!

2. Fad Diets

While the seemingly great results of the latest diet crazes may tempt you to try them out for yourself, they rarely lead to long term weight loss. This is because, while these fad diets often help you to lose some weight initially (which is often mostly water weight), they are not sustainable in the long term as they are too restrictive and often require you to buy special, and therefore expensive, diet foods, shakes and meal replacements. In order to lose weight and keep it off in the long term, a sensible healthy diet combined with exercise is the best way to go, but as we all know, it can be easier said than done to start exercising and eating healthier. This is why additional help from weight loss supplements can really make the difference, and give you results which you can maintain in the long term, unlike the few measly pounds you might lose on fad diets such as the Paleo Diet, DASH Diet etc. Save your money, invest in something that works!

3. Too Many Pills & Potions

While you’re trying to lose weight, you will inevitably find that you will have some deficiencies in vitamins and minerals; this is because, since you’re eating less, it can be very difficult – if not impossible – to get these essential nutrients solely from food sources. Lacking in these vitamins can make you tired, negatively affect your mood, and can be one of the reasons why you’re not losing weight. Rather than buying ten individual types of vitamin pills, fish oil capsules, and mineral supplements, wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy one effective multivitamin? Of course it does! And, it's a lot cheaper!

weight loss supplements

4. Weight Loss Drinks

The supermarket shelves are full of a variety of weight loss drinks at the moment, and whether it’s health smoothies, detox juices or protein shakes, while you can’t be sure whether they really help you to lose weight, you can certainly be sure that they are all expensive. What’s more, they tend to contain lots of extra calories that should really be saved to be consumed as food; drinking your calories doesn’t keep you full for as long as calories consumed through foods do, and you also tend to get better quality nutrients from food calories. The best drink for your weight loss journey, and indeed for life, is always going to be water, as it is super hydrating and calorie-free. However, drinking plain water all the time can get a little boring, so why not mix it up with a great value, calorie-free, carb-free drink mix that also tastes great and boosts weight loss too?!

It can be difficult to know what the best route to take is when it comes to weight loss, however it’s certain that a healthy diet, moderate exercise, determination and an extra push along the way will get you there. We can sometimes feel that it’s necessary to buy into the latest diet fads, but often our wallets are the only thing that end up getting lighter.The most important thing is to find what works for you, so whether you opt for a weight loss supplement to boost your energy levels and suppress your appetite, a great multivitamin with all the nutrients you’ll need to boost your health and your weight loss, or a metabolism-boosting drink mix to add some variety to your eight glasses of water, you can be sure that there’s something out there which can help you on the road to weight loss success.

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