Keep Off The Weekend Weight

Oct 2, 2014 11:04:25 AM

keep off weekend weight

Weekends, what’s not to love? Extra time to spend with your kids and family, dining out with friends, sleeping in…but if you’re not careful with your choices, the weekend can really wreak havoc on your waistline. Between after-work drinks on a Friday and Sunday brunches, the weekend is full of opportunities to eat tempting food and undo all the hard work you put in during the week. So, while you’re counting down the days until the weekend, keep these tips in mind to make sure that you don’t end up with more weight to lose once Monday rolls round again.

1. Aim to Maintain

Putting pressure on yourself to lose weight during the weekend while you are enjoying some down time has the potential to stress you out and lead to emotional eating. Instead, take a more realistic approach and aim to maintain your weight instead of losing. This way, if you wake up on Monday at the same weight you were on Friday you can consider yourself a success, and if you do happen to lose then that’s an even better way to start a dull Monday morning!

2. Start Right

The first few hours of your weekend can set the tone for the coming days; if you start Friday night off with some cocktails at happy hour then a pizza take out, it makes it much easier to continue on this slippery slope during the rest of the weekend. Inevitably, this can ruin the effort you put in during the week and it also makes it less likely that you’ll reset your good habits once the workweek starts again. Kick your weekend off the right way with a delicious yet reasonable dinner option, such as a fine cut of red meat to ensure taste satisfaction without tons of calories. If you’re craving a meal out, then follow these tips to make sure that you choose something that will keep you on the right track!

3. Set an Alarm

It can be all too tempting to sleep in during the weekend but if you stray too far from your usual waking-up time, you run the risk of disrupted sleep patterns and a tired start to the workweek. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you get up at your usual time, just try and go to bed at a reasonable hour and then set your alarm for around 8 hours later to make sure that you get enough sleep but not so much that you can’t sleep that night. What’s more, you can make the most of this additional time by being productive; allot some time into your morning to work up a sweat. Putting it off until later in the day gives you the chance to get too busy and end up not doing anything. If you are feeling tired lately or just need a bit of a health boost, a multivitamin tailored to help boost weight loss might be just what you need.


keep off weekend weight

4. Enjoy a Leisurely Breakfast

You probably have a lot more time at the weekend to take things a little slower, which means you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast instead of your typical Monday to Friday cup of coffee and banana. However, this doesn't mean pancakes and waffles! Simple carbs like these only lead to additional carb cravings throughout the day. Instead, opt for something filling and healthy, such as a spinach and mushroom omelet and benefit from a great protein boost to keep hunger at bay for hours.

5. Stay Hydrated

Sometimes it can be easier to get your eight glasses a day when you’re working as it gives you the chance to take short breaks and you might also be lucky enough to have a water cooler at work. Make sure that you keep up this good habit during the weekend by always having a bottle of water in your bag and filling it up when you have the opportunity. Once you get into the habit, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! If you find water a little boring, why not add a great-tasting drink mix to your water bottle and enjoy a carb-free and calorie-free metabolism boost at the same time?

6. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead isn't just for weekdays; planning out your meals from Monday to Friday saves time and means you’re less likely to stray from your healthy eating regime, so why not do the same for weekend too? Cooking in bulk when you have more time and freezing meals means you have standby dinners if you come home late from work and helps you to avoid take outs. But sometimes weekends can be a little haphazard too since we don’t tend to stick to a timetable, so having healthy food in store for when you've been out all day with the kids or friends makes perfect sense. The same goes for snacks; if you’re out and about, it’s difficult to find healthy snacks so make sure to always have a piece of fruit and a fiber bar with you for when hunger inevitably strikes.

7. Choose One Extravagance

Dining out at the weekend is a great way to relax after a hard week at work, but it can seem virtually impossible to stick to grilled lean meat and a side of veggies when everyone around you is ordering deliciously decadent meals. The key to not feeling left out (and therefore running the risk of suffering a slip) is to opt for one extravagance. So, whether it’s a cocktail, a shared dessert, or a portion of your favorite food, pick your treat wisely and savor it to make sure you really enjoy the experience. Be sure to plan your treat for when you’re around loved ones as it will make it that much more enjoyable.


Armed with this information, we can all aim to make it through the weekend feeling relaxed, invigorated and ready for another week of weight loss! However, if you feel you need a little extra then a weight loss supplement will help to suppress hunger and give you an energy boost to make sure you enjoy a fun-packed energetic weekend.

How do you handle weekends? Is it anything goes once Friday night comes round, or do you try to stick to your plan throughout the weekend? Let us know by commenting below.

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