Is The New Beverly Hills Diet For You?

Mar 7, 2014 4:42:02 AM

beverly hills diet

Launched in 1981, the original Beverly Hills Diet is considered by many as the first fad diet, although the New Beverly Hills Diet is less extreme and the diet’s author Judy Mazel stated that it meets the recommended standards for a nutritionally balanced diet. Here at we explain the details of the diet to you and review its suitability to help you lose weight while you’re on your weight loss journey with Phen Caps.

The New Beverly Hills Diet Rules

As with the original diet, the main concept of the diet is one of ‘food combining’. Mazel states that it is not what you eat or in what quantity that leads to weight gain, but rather when and in what combination food is eaten. She claims that combining the wrong foods together leads to inefficient digestion, which then triggers weight gain. Dieters are told that they can expect to lose around 10-15 pounds in the first 35 days of the program.

During the 35-day initiation plan, plan on eating little more than fruit. For example, on Day 2 you’ll eat prunes, strawberries, and baked potatoes, on Day 17, only watermelon, and on Day 22, grapes or cherries, and a bedtime treat of your choosing. There are also a few ‘all protein’ days, and a few days when you can eat whatever you like.

After the 35-day induction phase is over, Mazel explains that dieters should follow the four ‘conscious combining’ principles:

  1. Fruit must be eaten alone at all times. Ideally, you should begin each day with an ‘enzymatic fruit’ such as prune, apricot, pineapple, or persimmon. Mazel also states how certain fruits have certain weight-loss enhancing properties; papaya is said to soften fat in the body, pineapple burns off the fat and watermelon flushes it out of the body. Wait an hour before eating different kinds of fruit.
  2.  Protein can be combined with fat, but not carbohydrates. Once you’ve eaten protein, 80 percent of what you eat the rest of the day should also be protein.
  3.  Carbohydrates can be combined with fat, but not protein.
  4. Most alcoholic beverages like beer and spirits are considered carbohydrates; red and white wine should be treated as fruit. Champagne is ‘neutral’ and can be eaten with any type of food.

Exercise is not a requirement of the diet but Mazel does recognize the beneficial effects of exercise to cardiovascular health and emotional balance.

The New Beverly Hills Diet Meals

There are no portion suggestions; eat as much as you want, provided you follow the rules above. Although no foods are prohibited, Mazel says that artificial sweeteners, additives, non-dairy creamer, margarine and other artificial butter products cause digestive problems and therefore should be avoided. After the first 5 weeks the portions are unlimited and you are able to choose whatever foods you wish, but you must adhere to the strict rules against combining foods. This table explains how the diet divides foods into the groups:

Food typesExamples
Fats Butter, heavy cream, mayonnaise, oil, sour cream, whipped cream
Proteins Beef, cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, flan, ice cream, milk, nuts, pork, seeds, shellfish, yogurt
50/50s These can be considered either proteins or carbohydrates: Avocados, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lentils, peanuts, soybeans
Carbohydrates Mini-carbohydrates: Asparagus, celery, herbs, lettuce, mushrooms, zucchini
Midi-carbohydrates: Beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, parsnips, tomatoes, turnips
Maxi-carbohydrates: Artichokes, barley, breads, bulgur, chocolate, cookies, corn, grains, millet, oats, pasta, potatoes, rice, rye, wheat, alcohol (beer and distilled liquors)

Here is a sample menu:

  • Breakfast: Unlimited fresh pineapple 
  • Lunch: Pasta with cheese, side salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber 
  • Dinner: Chicken with soybeans and avocado 

This menu features the all-fruit breakfast, and would require you to wait one hour if you wanted to eat another fruit that morning. At lunchtime if you choose to eat protein this means that you cannot eat carbohydrates with it and you would also need to make the rest of your meals that day 80% protein, so the only way to consume carbohydrates is at lunchtime with fat or other carbs. Dinner is most likely the meal where you would eat protein, but as you cannot eat this with carbohydrates, you could only combine this with the 50/50s or fats.


beverly hills diet

Limitations & Concerns

Although the New Beverly Hills diet encourages the intake of fruit and vegetables, there are no other health benefits to this diet. The diet also raises several big concerns: • The plan involves many days where dieters eat nothing but fruit, which is very restrictive and unhealthy

  • This diet is unsuitable for those with health problems like diabetes, which affects your ability to consume fructose in high quantities
  • The initiation phase involves consuming a very low amount of calories as well as being extremely deficient in protein, essential fats and minerals
  • It includes many rules which require dieters to avoid certain foods at certain times and could be confusing to follow • The main concept of the diet is food-combining, which has not been proven to affect weight loss • The diet is not based on any established scientific principles
  • It does not teach dieters how to eat balanced meals for long-term weight loss and maintenance
  • It does not include an exercise component, which should be part of every weight loss plan.

At, we believe this diet has many limitations and is based on theories with no scientific evidence; if food is not digested properly, its calories cannot be used by the body, so the idea that undigested food makes people gain weight is incorrect. This plan can also be dangerously low in calories and lacking in many nutrients, and the principle of food combining makes meal planning difficult and does not allow dieters to establish a routine of eating healthy, balanced meals. One key concern is that this diet may only lead to weight loss because the many rules about what you can eat make it overly limiting and the plan itself is confusing and complicated to follow.


The most successful diets are ones that you can stick with and make part of your lifestyle, therefore, the New Beverly Hills Diet is not recommended for anyone who wants a healthful, balanced approach to eating and weight loss. recommends a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise, and with the addition of Phen Caps as a weight loss supplement, your weight loss goal is more than achievable AND sustainable. Click here to find out exactly how Phen Caps help you lose weight, and be on the road to weight loss!

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