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Oct 7, 2013 11:20:56 AM

improve sex life

As you progress on your weight loss journey with Phen Caps, there are many benefits to appreciate along the way. As well as looking better and becoming healthier, you’ll also feel more energetic - and what better way to release that energy than by getting hot under the sheets with your partner? Unfortunately, being overweight can dampen your sex drive by impeding both your physical and psychological desires, but research shows eating better and doing more exercise can significantly improve your sex life. Here, we explain how you can help fuel your sexual desires by getting healthy and losing weight.

Physical Issues

It’s a sad fact that many people are internalizing society’s definition of what it takes to be sexually desirable, which can result in them losing their own sexual desires if they feel their body does not measure up to the ideal. However, while overweight people may have psychological barriers influencing their sexual desire, being overweight also has a negative physical effect on sex drive. Research shows that medical conditions such as high cholesterol and insulin resistance can impact sexual performance, which in turn affects sexual desire.

Although this effect is particularly seen in men, overweight women’s sex drive and desires are affected by the same problem, due to a lack of blood flow to the genital area. When this happens, a woman’s body becomes far less responsive and so, a fall in desire is not far behind. To further complicate the issue for both men and women, the more body fat you have, the higher your levels of a chemical called SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which binds to testosterone, meaning there is less testosterone available to stimulate desire.

How to Boost Your Sex Drive

The good news is, losing as little as 10 pounds can reduce the effects of SHBG and immediately free up enough testosterone to boost your love life. In fact, making the same healthy diet changes you are making as part of your weight loss journey, such as eating more fruit and vegetables, also helps turn your sex drive around, even before you begin to lose weight. The reason for this is thought to be that when people take better care of themselves, they also report a substantial increase in their sex drive due to a more active participation in a healthy lifestyle.

Exercises designed to increase circulation to the genitals can also make a big difference, particularly for women. Any activity that increases blood flow to the large muscle groups in the buttocks, thighs and pelvis – such as yoga, brisk walking or cycling for 20 minutes three times a week – will result in better arousal and orgasmic function, and ultimately a return of sexual desire. When you feel the desire improving, participating in sex is a great way to further boost your sex drive, as this will increase circulation even more. Furthermore, having sex can help with weight loss by burning around 400 calories an hour!

improve sex life

Body Image Issues

Weight becomes less of an issue when a woman simply feels healthier and sexier. For some people, getting physical problems under control is all it takes to get back the desire, but for others one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying sex at any size is a poor body image. There is the misconception in our society that acceptance of our bodies will somehow remove the motivation to change ourselves, whereby we are almost told to hate our bodies before we can improve them. However, this is the kind of thinking that leads overweight people to feel so self-conscious that their desire is completely lost. In reality, the epitome of sexuality is abandoning self-consciousness to experience the moment intensely, but achieving this level of inhibition can be difficult.

You can help to improve your body image by learning to accept and be comfortable with your body, even if it is not yet perfect, as this has been shown to have positive effects on weight loss efforts and in maintaining healthy eating habits. Receiving a massage can help you achieve acceptance and a more positive self-image, as by allowing yourself to be touched by someone else, you can become more comfortable with your body, even if you haven’t reached your ideal weight yet. Also try some self-appreciation; be grateful for how your body moves and all the things it does for you – shift your focus from how you look to how your body works, and think of all the enjoyable things, such as sex, that it allows you to do. As hard as it is, don’t buy into society’s idea of the perfect sexual body, and allow your sexuality and sensuality to thrive inside the body you have.

Small Change, Big Difference

Research into the links between adopting a healthier lifestyle and improvements in your sex life shows us that a little goes a long way to improve both sexual desire and feelings about body image and sexuality. Female participants in a study by Duke University’s Diet and Fitness Center reported that they felt unattractive and unwilling to be seen naked at the start of the study, but following a moderate weight loss of around 10 per cent of their starting weight, the women’s feelings about their sexuality greatly improved.

Furthermore, this weight loss and subsequent improvement in their body image lead to a dramatic decrease in problems with sexual desire. These kinds of quality life improvements can help inspire you to keep up with your new healthy lifestyle and motivate you to lose more weight, showing that appreciating the benefits and rewards in all the areas of your life which are affected by health will motivate you to continue.

Research into the links between health, body image and sexual desire show how important it is for you to progress along your weight loss journey to a healthier, sexier you. Phen Caps are aimed at those who want to achieve weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle, of which a healthy sex life is an integral part. Learning to accept and appreciate your body can be more of a personal challenge than losing weight to some, but it is undoubtedly true that losing weight can only help to boost your self-confidence and energy levels. This means that enjoying a healthy sex life is that much easier the closer you get to your goal weight.


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