After Pregnancy: Lose The Baby Weight!

Jun 25, 2013 9:16:46 AM

after pregnancy diet tips

After 9 months of an aching back, weight gain and swollen ankles, your bundle of joy has arrived and you couldn’t be happier! Your life has changed for the better and you have so much excitement for the future. Except, there’s one thing - The baby weight. It’s something none of us can really avoid, so we need to tackle it head on with the right strategies.


Before I begin, let me say you must not compare yourself to the stick-thin celebrity mom’s, as they often go on unhealthy diets to get thin way too fast. We are going to attack the extra weight in the proper way, and for the long-term. So, let’s get started!

Water, Water, Water!

Drinking water, in general, is very important in living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight, however it is even more important after giving birth. It is said that you should consume half your bodyweight in ounces, per day, after giving birth. This will keep you well-hydrated, the energy flowing and help in reducing appetite.

The “Everywhere Exercise”

when you are brushing your teeth, standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes, cutting vegetables, etc., stand with one leg bent at the knee, therefore balancing on one leg, is a great exercise that is simple to incorporate into your life. This really challenges your core muscles and is a very simple exercise you can basically do anywhere.

Switch Your “Eating Hand”

Are you right-handed? Then try eating with your left hand, or vice-versa. It is said that if you try to eat with your opposite hand, you may consume 30 percent less food. Generally, it takes your brain 20 minutes to realize the stomach is full, and by eating with your opposite hand, you will slow down while eating and naturally consume less calories.

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Shrink The Plate = Shrink The Tummy

By switching your plates to small, saucer-sized plates, you will naturally eat much less. One of the main reasons for the weight crisis in the USA is portion size, so using a smaller plate will really help to consume much less food. In addition to this, the color blue is known to be a natural appetite suppressant, so using a blue plate, in addition to a smaller one, can really help to reduce caloric intake. Give it a try and keep a food diary, to track your progress!


Warning: Salad

We all know salad is a great food to consume, as it is both healthy and low calorie. BUT, salad dressing can pack a lot of calories. Salad without any dressing is not very appetizing, so try the trick of keeping your dressing on the side, dipping your fork only in the sauce, and then eat the salad. This will give the flavor but reduce the amount you’re consuming. Or, opt for just using white or apple cider vinegar, which is still very flavorful.

Spousal Support

A newborn can often create tension between couples, as the lifestyle has changed dramatically and it can take some adjusting. In order to avoid this while also burning calories, dedicate a day or night each week to all go for a walk together. Walking will keep you active and build up your muscles, while also spending time with family.

Be Careful With Calories

You may assume I mean to keep a reduced-calorie diet, but I mean the very opposite. It is commonly recommended that breast feeding women should not go below 1,800 calories a day, as it is very important you are getting sufficient energy and nutrients for yourself and baby. That said, make sure what you’re eating is healthy, containing mainly vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Fish is a great option since it is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help your baby develop a healthy brain.

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Don’t Fear Help

Losing weight is never an easy journey, especially after having a baby. Your schedule changes tremendously, you have an additional person to take care of, less time, the list goes on. It takes hard work to reach your weight goal after pregnancy, but it is certainly accomplishable! Sometimes, you may need some help along the way, and that’s ok! After you are finished breastfeeding, you should consider a diet supplement, to help control appetite, cravings and increase energy. Phen Caps is a perfect addition to your diet plan, as it does all of these things and more. You can also purchase them online, saving time spent on doctor trips.


Contact us here today if you have any questions, we are happy to help and help you along your weight loss journey. The most important tip of all for trying to lose weight after pregnancy, is stay motivated and don’t give up! Yes, it is frustrating, but if you persevere through the doubt and hard times, you will reap the many benefits of a healthy, fit life for you and your new family. It always help to have support from friends and family, so let them know how important it is for you to have their help. Also, there are many online forums that give great support from other people just like you. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to!

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