Phen Caps Review: Steve

Feb 16, 2018 10:13:34 AM

After shedding 75 pounds with phentermine, Steve has decided to give his weight loss journey a much-needed boost by adding Phen Caps to his everyday routine with phentermine.

We know that when phentermine weight loss begins to stall it can be very disheartening! That’s why some people find that adding Phen Caps can help their weight loss efforts in these later stages of their prescription. Phentermine’s decreasing effectiveness, and the fact that it is only a short-term prescription, make  the development of healthy habits throughout the course of the treatment one of its top priorities!

And that’s exactly what Steve has done, everyday changes that add up and end up making a huge difference on the scale! “I'm currently on phentermine so I take the Phen Caps in the evening when the phentermine wears off. It keeps my hunger away and I have great energy until bed time around 10PM (…) I got through a plateau and I stopped the Phentermine for a month so Phen Caps continued to curve my appetite and gave me energy during my break.”

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Starting Weight: 370 pounds - Current Weight: 360 pounds


“I usually have eggs and sausage for breakfast and occasionally I have beef stew for lunch or dinner.”

PRO-TIP:  Lean cuts of beef are a low-fat source of protein and iron, and without enough iron, your body can’t get oxygen to your cells, which in turn slows down your metabolism. There are many lean cuts of steaks - filet mignon, sirloin, strip steak, flank steak, but if you can’t remember the names, pick steaks that are deep red with a relatively small amount of fat to find lean cuts.  It is possible to find healthy alternatives to your favorite comfort foods. Here are six great ideas for super healthy swaps that won’t ruin your good intentions!


Starting Weight: 370 pounds - Current Weight: 355 pounds 


“Phen Caps still give me energy and I'm not hungry all the time (…) I love eating pork spare ribs for dinner, and I'm not late-night snacking anymore.”

PRO-TIP: Bad habits such as late-night snacking or afternoon treats are often fueled by a desire for sweets or dessert. Eating a small piece of fruit is a great way to satisfy this craving with fewer calories, while also getting your daily fruit and topping off your vitamin intake!

If you love snacks, make sure to always keep plenty of healthy options easily available. Hunger hits at some of the most unexpected or inconvenienvet times and snacking can easily get out of hand. When we mindlessly finish off a bag of chips, or reach for a snack out of boredom or habit, we unintentionally add hundreds of extra calories to our daily intake. Over time this can lead to weight gain. Instead, keep plenty of fruit, veggies and healthy snacks around to grab when hunger strikes.

If you want to put a stop to bad snacking habits today, check out these ten great tips!

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