We all know how good exercise is for us, helping to boost metabolism, improve mood and increase energy levels while also helping to tone up our bodies and add to our weight loss potential. And, while it can be difficult to start an exercise routine, it’s also difficult to keep it up once the initial motivation has worn off. So, here we have five great tips for how to make your workout more fun so that you put more into exercising and get more out of it in return!

1. Plan It Out

Planning isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of fun, but with some clever planning, you can get more out of your workout and see better results, which will in turn help you to enjoy it more. Firstly, it might cheer you up to know that, when it comes to exercise, quality not quantity matters the most. So, set a plan for what you’re going to do, whether it’s a certain distance, a number of lengths of the pool, or a set number of reps. This, way you won’t be looking at the clock as you’ll be too busy focusing on your goal which will make time go quicker, and more so when you get better at your chosen exercise. Within the workout, it’s also important to plan how you will schedule the different parts; while it’s beneficial to get the most challenging moves out of the way first, don’t feel pressure to kick things off with your most dreaded exercise. However, saving the toughest exercise for very last isn't exactly motivation to make it to the end either. Alternate between the really tough exercises and those you find more enjoyable and the whole workout will seem much easier to approach and therefore more fun!

2. Challenge Yourself

As Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi famously found in his many studies on happiness, we are happiest when we’re doing something that we find challenging yet achievable; if something is too hard, we’re frustrated and give up, and if something’s too easy we get bored and give up. So, while you should keep it in mind to start slow, break down goals and do what you can, it’s also important to change it up so that you don’t get bored and head back to the couch. Success on your weight loss journey will involve you saying no to a lot of the foods you loved to eat, but exercise gives you something proactive and positive you can do to improve your body, mood, and outlook on life. So, say yes to exercise and yes to new challenges; if you’ve been walking for two weeks, add some jogging, or add some speed-walking intervals, or plan a weekend hike. Maybe you feel confident enough to join a gym and try a group class, or you could also sign up for a charity walk or run to make use of the energy boost you get with Phen Caps – you’ll get the added benefits of training for a goal, helping a charity, and a huge sense of achievement when you finish the race – it’s win-win!

3. Join A Class

It can be daunting to join a class when you’re still new to the gym or exercising in general, but there are many advantages to group workouts. Firstly, having to sign up and be at the gym at a certain time keeps you accountable –especially as many gyms will require you to cancel with notice or may punish you by taking away your rights to pre-book classes. So, this will get you there…and then the group atmosphere and motivating instructor will keep you coming back! A good instructor will make you feel at ease and will welcome to you to the class, and should keep you challenged and having fun, with new workouts every few weeks and new workout tracks to get moving to, you shouldn’t ever get bored! And, if you think that everyone except you will know what they’re doing then you’re wrong – classes are for everyone, and that means all levels of fitness and ability. If the class isn’t suitable for beginners then it will be advertised as an advanced class and you’ll know that it’s not for you (yet!). Classes are a great opportunity to try new things without spending money on special equipment, and these days gyms are offering much more variety that standard aerobics classes so there is bound to be something you fancy trying. And lastly, just like having a workout buddy, group classes offer a social element to working out, meaning lots more fun and motivation as you get to know each other and help each other out to stay accountable.

4. Enjoy Your ‘Me Time’

If you prefer to go it alone, take the opportunity to add a dimension of selfishness to your workout. By this, we mean that you should think of the time you’re exercising as time to focus on yourself and not on others – which is probably what you do for the rest of the day! So, if you’re off for a long walk or gym workout, download some interesting podcasts, TED talks, or an entertaining novel to pass the time while gaining physical and mental strength. If you prefer to listen to music to get your energy levels up, it’s a great opportunity to listen to your favorite tunes without caring about anyone else’s taste. So, create your perfect playlist to get better results as you’ll have more fun doing it and won’t want to stop while you’re enjoying your own personal DJ session! Like many of us these days, you’re probably on the go and answering to people all day, so, think of exercise as quality time with yourself and you’ll be looking forward to escaping the world for an hour rather than dreading your workout.

5. Get Outside

The weather is improving every day and spring has officially sprung in a lot of the country, so it’s a great time to change the scenery if you’ve been working out indoors all winter. And while running through the countryside or along the beach would be perfect, for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, there’s bound to be a park nearby, or if not then we can always enjoy the pastime of people watching as we run by! Exercising outside relieves more stress and, even if you’re just pounding the pavements of your local area, the time will go quicker as you’ll have something to look at that isn’t the same wall at the gym you normally stare at. A great way to make your workout more fun is also to combine your exercising goals with a mini-challenge, such as to spot things on your route, change your route every day to include a new street, or take a photo every workout. This last one works well as if you share photos on social media as it motivates you to get out and do things - a beautiful sunset photo you took while running is bound to get lots of likes and spur you on to find new places to explore!


Do you have any great tips to make working out more fun? If so, we’d love to hear them!