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Possibly one of the biggest weight loss hurdles, is portion size. Anyone out there who is serious about dieting and losing weight, must understand the importance of portion size, the types of food and when you eat it. Not understanding the relation between these things and applying the knowledge can really hinder your weight loss progress. In order to plan (and act) for success, follow these guidelines:

Eat Consistently!

Not eating often enough or skipping meals leads to a calorie disaster. You should plan to eat either three medium-sized or five small meals each day, with healthy snacks in between, if needed. A great example of a medium-sized meal, is 3 oz. of lean meat (about the size of a deck of cards) with salad, steamed vegetables, or 1 cup of cereal (about the size of your fist) and a piece of fruit. For smaller meals, you could simply just half the above example.


If you can compare your meals to everyday common objects, in order to remember how much you actually need, this can help you stay on track. As I mentioned above, 3 oz. of lean meat is roughly a deck of cards, also being the perfect serving size. One cup of rice, potatoes or pasta is about the size of a tennis ball and an ideal portion. With fruits and vegetables, you really can’t go wrong, however try not to eat fruits late at night, or cook your veggies in an unhealthy way. Stick to steaming, baking (with 1 tbsp max. of oil) or raw.

Serving Size vs. Portion Size

This is a big misconception - Serving size and portion size. These two words have different meanings, and it is important to know what those meanings are. Portion size means the amount you choose to eat, whether that be 1 or 2 cups of pasta. Serving size is what experts suggest you eat, in this scenario that would be 1 cup of pasta. Of course, you always want to follow the serving size, which you can find on most food’s nutritional labels. As I mentioned, fruits and veg are safe to eat more of, but keep in mind my two guidelines (above).

weight loss portion control

Portion Plates!

For those of you who just can’t imagine always comparing your food to things or are just too busy to pay that much attention, there is also a solution for you. Portion-controlled plates! These plates are sectioned off with a visible line, showing you how much to fill up with veg, meat, grains, etc. This way, when you are preparing a meal, you can do so quickly, whether it is for at home or to go. These plates are also great for people with type 2 diabetes.

Make Friends With Salad!

Maybe one of the simplest strategies that requires little preparation, is making friends with salad! More literally, I mean that if you always eat salad first, loading up most of your plate with the green stuff (among other colors), you will automatically eat much less, as the salad fills you up for a very low calorie consumption.

Plan Ahead!

Possibly the most effective of all of these strategies, although the most time consuming, is planning ahead. If you are able to plan each week’s worth of meals, including portion size (of course), then you can really gain a healthy control and lose weight quickly. Every Sunday, for example, take a designated notebook or calendar and plan out your meals for each day. It may be wise to plan your meals after you have done the shopping for the week. A little organization in your life can make a real difference in your weight!

Introduce a Supplement!

At times, hunger can really rule your mind and no matter how dedicated you are, the stomach may prevail and eat more than it should. I am sure we have all been there when it comes to this, therefore we all know how difficult it is. A great way to eliminate this is by incorporating a supplement into our daily routines and diet. Weight loss supplements will suppress our appetites and control cravings, helping to eat less while giving us more energy. Phen Caps have been very effective in doing this for our customers, so if you are looking for an effective solution, this is what you need. Losing weight can feel like a very difficult - even impossible - journey for anyone. The truth is, yes, it will be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible! In order to make your weight loss dream a reality, it is important to prepare yourself with the tools and knowledge to succeed, and a big part of that is portion size. Here at Phen Caps, were are driven to help you lose weight and keep it off, for good. We want to see you succeed and in order to do so, we will continually provide you with informative blogs and more importantly, great diet products. Please feel free to comment on our articles with any questions or feedback, or drop by our Facebook page or Twitter to say “Hello” - We would love to hear from you! We are by your side each step of the “weigh”!