easy exercise routine

So, you have your Phen Caps and you’re feeling the effects of a reduced appetite and a lot more energy, and you know that the best way to start losing weight is to combine a healthy diet with exercise, but how do you start an exercise routine? For many people embarking on their weight loss journey with Phen Caps, it can be difficult to know where to start and what to do for the best when it comes to exercise. But never fear, we have some great tips for you to begin your new routine, and once you get going, we promise that you’ll never look back! Just follow this step-by-step guide on how to start (and stick to) an exercise routine:

Step 1: Pick an Activity

If you are completely new to exercise, the best place to start is with something simple, like walking. With this, you’ll get used to what it’s like to move your body on a regular basis, and start to feel the benefits of this, noticing that your mind is clearer and you actually have more energy, not less. Walking is a good start, but if you want to try something else then think about what kind of person you are and what you like doing; if you’re more social then a gym class might be for you, if you prefer solitude then bike rides or swimming might be more your thing. It’s very important to pick something you like doing, as exercise should not feel like punishment. It should be something you look forward to and find enjoyable.

Step 2: Set a Goal

To start, set one simple, clear, realistic goal. While for one person it will be to walk around the block without feeling winded, for someone else, it might be to swim five laps in a row without stopping, and another person might set a goal to walk two miles, three times a week. Start small and build up from there. When you have a clear goal, you know what your purpose is for doing the exercise. Goals also make you feel more accountable and help you to feel a sense of achievement as you improve and get closer to the best you that you can be.

Step 3: Build Up Slowly

If you walk around the block the first day and feel like it was too easy, don’t go out the next day and expect to run three miles. Instead, take it easy and give yourself time to build up to those more challenging workouts. If once around the block was too easy, go twice or three times. Or walk once, then jog the second time.

easy exercise routine

Step 4: Push Yourself

Although this might sound contradictory to step 3, once you have started and gone slow for a while, it’s important to change it up so you don’t get bored and head back to the couch. If you’ve been walking for two weeks, add some jogging, or add some speed-walking intervals. Maybe you feel confident enough to join a gym and try a group class, or you could also sign up for a charity walk or run – you’d get the added benefit of training for a goal, helping a charity, and the sense of achievement when you finish the race – it’s win-win!

Step 5: Reward Yourself

We all need a little extra encouragement sometimes, but just don’t do it with food. Make your rewards things that would be highly motivating for you, such as adding money to a jar every time you exercise to save up for a vacation next year. Or, if you need more immediate gratification, reward yourself weekly with a new song download to add to your ‘running mix’, or monthly with a new workout outfit.

Now you have a 5-point plan to start and build on your very own exercise routine! So, what are you waiting for? Get your sneakers on and start exercising! With the added energy boost that Phen Caps gives you, you’ll be working up to a charity run in no time!

Have you got any tips for how to start an exercise routine? If so, we’d love to hear from you, so please comment below!