7 Signs You Should Change Your Diet

With so many diets out there to choose from, it can be hard to find one which works for you. Here at phen.com, we believe that finding a diet you can really stick to is the key to long term success, but if your health is suffering, or you’re finding it really hard going then these are signs that maybe you should change your diet. Here we run through some common warning signs that your diet might not be the right one for you, and how to improve it without compromising your health or your weight loss results!

1. You’re Tired All The Time

If your energy is zapped then Phen Caps will give you the boost you need to get your motivation back, but feeling tired all the time is a sure sign that your diet might be to blame. Constant tiredness is you body’s way of conserving energy, and is as a result of your body’s metabolism slowing down – which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to lose weight. A lack of protein in your diet causes your body to use lean muscle for energy, making physical activities harder as your body becomes weaker. Too much sugar in processed foods is another possible culprit, as is a lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet, so remember to top up your energy with the help of Phen Vites.

2. It’s Really Convenient

It’s true, packaged meals, bars and shakes make portion control and sticking to a calorie limit really easy, but since you’re not going to follow to the program for good, it’s unlikely that your weight loss will be for good either. Weight gain after following a program like this is almost inevitable since you’re not learning the good eating habits that will ensure long term success. What’s more, you’ll get bored with eating the same meals, drinking shakes instead of eating lunch, and not getting to eat the food you enjoy. If you’re following a program like this then it’s best to step it back and start preparing your own healthy meals and snacks so that you can establish a healthy relationship with food and still enjoy your favorites.

3. You’ve Got Memory Problems

It’s not just our bodies which benefit from eating healthily, as our brains also rely on the nutrients we get from food to run properly to, so if you’ve tried the Atkins diet then you may have noticed the ‘brain fog’ that comes with this type of high-fat, low-carb diet. In one study, women who consumed the most saturated fats from foods such as butter and burgers performed worse on thinking and memory tests than women who ate the lowest amount of these fats. It’s also a common symptom of those following a low carb diet to have trouble with memory as the brain runs on glucose, which we get glucose from carbs. Without sufficient carbs in your diet, your ability to think, learn and remember things will suffer as the neurotransmitters in your brain will not have enough glucose to synthesize properly, an effect that has been supported in medical studies. So, to keep your memory sharp, be sure to get plenty of whole grains, lean protein, fruit, vegetables, legumes, beans and nuts in your diet.

4. You Have Digestive Issues

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating and digestive discomfort are all signs that you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet. You should aim to get 28 grams of fiber a day, so if you’ve been eating a lot of processed foods or you’ve cut back on whole grain carbs without upping your intake of fiber then you could be far off the mark. Phen Caps contain the ingredient Crateagus spp. extract, a hawthorn berry extract used to treat digestive issues, so if you are suffering from digestive problems then Phen Caps can help with this as well as with weight loss, but upping your fiber intake will help too. However, you should be careful not to increase your fiber intake too drastically in a short space of time as this can also cause digestive discomfort. To avoid this, introduce high fiber foods such as beans, vegetables and grains more gradually into your diet and drink plenty of water to facilitate your body’s ability to process this fiber.

5. Your Workouts Drag

If you find it hard to make it through a workout then you’re probably not fueling up properly beforehand. Carbs are the preferred source of energy for the body, so when stores are low then your body isn’t working as efficiently as it should be, meaning you’ll feel lethargic and unable to give it your all during your workout. The best pre-workout foods include a combination of slow-release carbs, such as whole grain bread or cereal, and fast-release carbs, such as fruit. For more energy-boosting advice, check out these tips.

6. You’re Always Sick

If your diet is leaving you with a constant cold then this is a sign that you’re not getting a wide enough range of nutrients. Being sure to eat a wide range of fresh produce is the best way to ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins you need to keep you healthy while you’re losing weight. And, the cheapest and most effective way to eat a range of fruit and veg is to eat in line with the seasons, which will also ensure that you get the nutrients you most need at specific times of the year, such as the anti-bacterial help of onions and garlic around the fall when coughs and colds are most prevalent. Protein also helps to boost our immune systems so be sure to get enough protein to fight off bacteria, otherwise your body is forced to use this protein for fuel and your body is left defenseless to fight off infections and viruses.

7. Your Weight Loss Has Stalled

Your diet might have been great at the start and really helped you to shift those pounds, but if you still have a way to go and your weight loss is at a standstill, then it could be time to change your diet. This plateau is often seen by people following a low-carb diet, which is because a drop in your intake of carbs can cause your liver to make up for it by over-producing sugar, which then leads to an excess of insulin and causes your body to store fat rather than using it as energy. You can overcome this effect by adding extra carbs to your diet once or twice a week, but no need to eat an entire loaf of bread – just keep to it to an extra serving of whole grain pasta or rice, or an extra piece of fruit.

If you’re trying to go it alone then eating healthier can be a struggle, so when you see that it’s not paying off, or that your health is suffering as a result then it can be a real blow to your motivation. Taking Phen Caps will help to keep you energized and motivated, and make healthy eating much more possible by suppressing appetite and putting a stop to unhealthy cravings.