Phen Caps Review: Sabrina

Phen Caps Review: Sabrina

Starting Weight: 165 pounds - Current Weight: 157 pounds

Meet Sabrina: a happy wife and mother determined to make her journey back to health a success! After losing over 50 pounds with phentermine, this 47-year-old woman from Sacramento, California decided to continue her weight loss journey with Phen Caps!

Sabrina wanted to transition into a more natural, sustainable weight loss solution that didn’t cause the negative side effects she had experienced with phentermine. With the help of Phen Caps, Sabrina is even more committed to making her goal a reality: she wants to look and feel her best for her 50th birthday in 2020!

My Phen Caps Review

What I Liked

  • All-natural: I love that Phen Caps contain only all-natural ingredients.
  • No side effects: I had a lot of unpleasant side effects with phentermine (like insomnia), so I like that Phen Caps doesn't have any side effects.
  • Control my cravings and portion sizes: I'd like to lose about 5 more pounds, and I never want to go back to the weight I was before phentermine, and Phen Caps have been my secret weapon to keep cravings and portions under control.

What I Didn't Like

  • Not prescription-strength: Phen Caps aren't as strong as prescription phentermine, but that's actually perfect for where I am right now!

My Verdict

I would 100% recommend Phen Caps! I love that they're made with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals and, unlike other supplements I've tried in the past, these ones actually work.

I had been using phentermine since March 2017 and started taking Phen Caps in October. I can really tell the difference as Phen Caps is not as strong, but also does not have all the side effects that phentermine does and it's all natural, which I like. I would say that Phen Caps is a great way to wean off phentermine and get used to a natural weight loss supplement while incorporating good eating habits.

Phen Caps have helped me eat healthier portions and stick to my exercise routine so that I can lose this final bit of weight and keep it off. I definitely want to order more!

My First Month With Phen Caps

My weight remained the same throughout my anniversary in October, my birthday in November and even Thanksgiving, where I splurged a bit! Phen Caps really work at suppressing my appetite and avoid overeating. I definitely get fuller faster. I also feel light bursts of energy when I take them.” Tip: If your holiday involves a lot of food-centered events, make sure to pack some healthy snacks to tide you over until meal time! If you choose to drink alcohol, be moderate and opt for lower-calorie options like light beer or wine spritzers. It’s also wise to alternate caloric drinks (whether alcoholic or not) with water to stay well-hydrated and reduce liquid calories.

“Adding exercise in the evening helped me not overeat. I love hiking in Tahoe!”

Need a quick workout? Do one minute of each: squats, inchworm, front lunges, reverse lunges, push-ups, and side plank (both sides). Take a quick break then repeat and you’ve got yourself the perfect full body workout in under 15 minutes!

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My Second Month With Phen Caps

“Phen Caps were a lifesaver during the holiday season and really helped me avoid overeating by suppressing my appetite. I definitely get fuller faster. I also feel light bursts of energy when I take them. I actually found it very useful to take Phen Caps prior to an event or dinner.” Tip: Sabrina loves eating green salads to help her look and feel her best as she tackles her weight loss goals with Phen Caps. Here are ten great tips for how to pack more veggies into your daily diet. Not a fan of salads? Canned fish is a great way to add lean protein to your diet for very little cost. It adds a nice flavor to anything from salads to a veggie-packes baked dish. Find out more here!

Phen Caps helped me stay within my daily count of calories and I managed to lose 5 pounds and I’m so happy about that.

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My Third Month With Phen Caps

“I am still losing weight at a healthy rate. Phen Caps help me stay on track by helping me feel fuller faster and avoid overeating. Food does not seem as appealing to me as before and I eat a lot less, it’s so much easier to say “no” and to have self-control.” Tip: Keep track of your food and exercise with a tracking app or progress diary. This can help you see what works best for your body and remind you to keep challenging yourself!

“This month, I stared taking the 5 Star Fat Burner alongside my Phen Caps. I feel amazing, I have so much more energy now.”

5 Star Fat Burner is formulated to help break down and burn body fat throughout the day and night. It contains clinically proven doses of Capsimax® and GreenSelect® Phytosome® to help you lose weight and cut inches faster than with diet and exercise alone. Enhanced with chromium, 5 Star Fat Burner also supports healthy glucose metabolism.

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