Phen Caps Review: Chrissy

Starting Weight: 252 pounds - Current Weight: 230 pounds

Chrissy is a young, ambitious woman that managed to juggle college, a full-time job and wedding planning… all while working hard to lose weight! Chrissy was motivated to slim down because she didn’t want to feel fat on the most important day of her life: her wedding day!

Before starting Phen Caps, Chrissy had already made a lot of big changes but she still worried about one of her biggest problems: being an emotional eater. She was looking for something that could help her keep-up the weight loss momentum as she transitioned out of her phentermine prescription. That’s when she discovered Phen Caps!

“My favorite part of 2017 was my wedding and spending so much time with friends and family while planning it… My New Year's Resolution for 2018 is to hit my second goal weight of 199! With Phen Caps, I succeeded with my first one in 2017 (to get under 230 and enjoy life more), so I know I can achieve this goal as well!"

My Phen Caps Review

What I Liked

  • Kept my emotional eating under control: I could say "no" to chips and cookies, even when I was stressed.
  • Big energy boost: Phen Caps gave me LOTS of energy that allowed me to keep up with my crazy schedule.
  • No side effects: I felt like my hair was thinning out towards the end of my phentermine prescription, but it's thick and healthy again with Phen Caps!
  • Stays strong: I took Phen Caps for over 6 months and they never seemed to "wear off" or get less effective.

What I Did NOT Like

  • Forgot to eat: Sometimes Phen Caps suppressed my appetite TOO much and I forgot to eat, especially when I was really busy with school and work.
  • 2 pills per day: It was a little inconvenient that I had to take Phen Caps 2x per day, but worth it becuase the second pill kept my appetite low and energy high all afternoon and evening.

My Verdict

Phen Caps and 5 Star CLA helped me stick with my healthy habits and keep losing weight after I finished my treatment with phentermine. I loved that they didn’t have any side effects and kept working no matter how long I took them!

My First Month With Phen Caps


"Between birthdays, picnics, and sporting events it would be difficult for me to stay away from unhealthy food and alcohol. Phen Caps were able to help me stay on track and give me the energy I needed to make sure I was up to the challenge. I decided to pack my own food and make sure I always had my Phen Caps nearby. Healthy doesn't mean complicated. Simplicity is best, especially with my busy schedule." Tip: Grilled chicken is a sure-fire way to provide a simple yet healthy and filling meal, packed full of protein to keep your appetite suppressed for hours and plenty of B vitamins to add to the energy boost that Phen Caps give you.


"I know it's not always easy and I know we have days where we want to give up, but keep going. The ultimate goal is to be healthy but the perks of becoming healthy as pretty awesome as well." Tip: When it comes to activity, something is always better than nothing. If you’re tight on time, here are seven different ways to fit more exercise into your day!

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My Second Month With Phen Caps


"My biggest obstacle this month was remembering to get all of my calories in. On a busy schedule it is hard to remember to eat. And because of Phen Caps, I'm rarely hungry. I started setting alarms to remind me to eat, even if it's just fish or chicken. Just something to keep my energy level up". Tip: Protein is critical to optimize weight loss results,. Here are some high protein snacks you can try out between meals!


"I was able to accomplish many goals with the extra boost of energy: working and going to school full-time while planning my wedding!"

A study by Penn State University found that those who exercise regularly are happier, more excited and more enthusiastic than those who don’t exercise. So, instead of just focusing on what exercise can give you in the long term, you should also appreciate the day to day positive vibes it can inspire in you! Tip: Focus on the positive feelings you get from working out, not just the physical changes like weight, toning, clothing size, etc.

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My Third Month With Phen Caps


“Between the wedding and school the biggest obstacle was making sure to remember to eat. Sometimes when my appetite is minimal, I make sure not to fill up on just cucumbers and lettuce. Instead, I choose healthy foods, like avocados and fatty meats. That way, I feel full or satiated for much longer.” Tip: Portion-controlled plates are great for people that are too busy or always on the go! These plates are sectioned off with a visible line, showing you how much to fill up with vegetables, meat, grains, etc.


“5 Star CLA has helped me keep up with my routine in the gym. (This month) I accomplished being the bride I always wished to be. I felt absolutely perfect on my wedding day. Going from 309 pounds to 230 in less than a year has been incredible.”

Phen Caps help you lose weight. They suppress appetite with powerful, high quality ingredients like caralluma and phenylethylamine, while also boosting energy with caffeine, theobromine and red raspberry ketones. 5 Star CLA, on the other hand, triggers your body to burn more calories and convert fat into muscle.

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My Fourth Month With Phen Caps


“I've always loved burger and fries, so I also started making healthier versions of foods that were familiar to me, like turkey burgers with wheat bread and sweet potato fries.” Tip: Making simple healthy meals at home is a great way to save on calories and is much cheaper than take-outs and ready meals. Here are six quick and easy recipes ideal for dinner or lunch.


“The biggest obstacle that I had to face this month was exercising… I didn’t maintain my fitness routine this past couple of weeks because I went on my honeymoon”.

The most successful weight loss journeys often involve a few detours on the way, which is how you should see vacation (or honeymoon) weight gain. Getting back on the path to success is the most important thing, and overcoming these ups and downs is the mark of a real weight loss champion! Tip: Expect that you’ll “fall off the wagon” occasionally during your weight loss journey. That’s okay – just pick yourself up and recommit to your healthy habits tomorrow. The trick? Don’t let a “cheat meal” become a “cheat month”.

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My Fifth Month With Phen Caps


“My hunger level is still staying low and to my surprise my energy level is still very high! This month I was able to go into the holidays without eating every dessert in sight. I work for a company where my coworkers love to try out new recipes and I love sweets so much, but I was able to use my self-control and stay away from the things I didn't need... I've tried not to get discouraged. If you plateau like I have for the last few months, you have to push through and keep putting in the effort for your plan to work. It’s time to switch up my diet.” Tip: Sugar is full of empty calories and too much of it in our diets leads to weight gain, low energy, and an increased risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes. Here are seven tips to help you cut down gradually and break your addiction to the sweet stuff!


“I hate exercising in the winter because it’s so, so cold and it gets dark so early! However, I pushed through and continued to exercise with the help of my Phen Caps and 5 Star Fat Burner.”

5 Star Fat Burner is formulated to help break down and burn body fat throughout the day and night. It contains clinically proven doses of Capsimax® and GreenSelect® Phytosome® to help you lose weight and cut inches faster than with diet and exercise alone. Enhanced with chromium, 5 Star Fat Burner also supports healthy glucose metabolism.

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