Can I Buy Phen Caps at GNC?

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The short answer is that you cannot buy Phen Caps at GNC. Phen Caps are only available at

This distribution model allows us to ensure that we can offer you the most affordable prices and the best customer service experience possible.

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Where to Buy Phen Caps in the United States

Shop 24/7 from our convenient, secure website and rest assured knowing you’re paying the best price for high-quality weight loss supplements made in the USA.

Our decision to not sell Phen Caps at GNC or similar brick-and-mortar stores, allows us to offer you competitive prices on superior products.

Phen Caps at GNC in Latin America

We’re more than happy to help our many Latin American customers achieve their weight loss goals with our products.

Can I Buy Phen Caps at GNC in Mexico?

You cannot buy Phen Caps at GNC in Mexico. Our company is based in the United States, but we do ship Phen Caps to Mexico when you place an order on

Can I Buy Phen Caps at GNC in Chile?

Unfortunately, Phen Caps are not available in Chile either through purchase at a brick-and-mortar store like GNC or online. Due to new import regulations, we are no longer shipping Phen Caps to Chile. Any changes on this important matter will be announced at

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Phen Caps Help Me Lose Weight?

Made with a proprietary combination of Phenylethylamine, caffeine, L-carnitine, selenium, and other all-natural superstar ingredients, Phen Caps play a key role in supporting sustained weight loss, along with exercise and a healthy diet.

We offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee to ensure that you’re confident choosing our groundbreaking product to jumpstart your weight loss journey.

Can I Take Phen Caps Alongside GNC Supplements?

We suggest that you always ask your doctor before combining Phen Caps with any GNC supplement.

Unlike other weight loss supplements, Phen Caps have no negative side effects. You’ll experience a steady sustained burst of energy, elevated moods, reduced cravings, and greater satiation after meals. This will increase your commitment to your goals, even on tough days.

If your weight loss goals are constantly derailed by low energy, cravings, and hunger, Phen Caps are the perfect weight loss solution you need.

Can I Take Any Fat Burning Supplements From GNC to Boost My Weight Loss With Phen Caps?

We recommend combining Phen Caps with 5 Star Fat Burner to help you beat cravings and reduce body fat.

5 Star Fat burner boosts metabolism and promotes 24/7 fat-burning. It is formulated with two clinically-proven ingredients (Capsimax® and Green Select® Phytosome ®) to increase weight loss and burn fat.

This powerful duo will give you the extra edge necessary to propel you towards unprecedented weight loss results. Plus, when ordering our Weight Loss Warrior Pack you will benefit from exclusive savings!

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