Make Your OWN Diet Rules

Make Your OWN Diet Rules

The problem with all diets and even weight loss advice is that it’s given in a one-size-fits-all way. We know that drinking water is good for you but what if you don’t like it? And should you allow yourself treats if you actually find it easier to ban your favorites? A recent review of all the many diets available out there even said that no diet is better than another, it’s just important to find one that you can stick to and find long term success with. So, here we run through some of the common pieces of weight loss advice and explain how to find a way to lose weight that is right for YOU!

1. Treats: Should I or shouldn’t I?

Does a little bit of what you fancy now and again make it easier to go the long haul or do you manage better when you ban the unhealthy treats that you used to love? If you want to lose weight but you’ve got a sweet tooth, sometimes no amount of fruit will do, and you just have to have some chocolate. However, others say that cutting their food weakness out is the only way they can stop the cravings and lose weight in the long term. The main issue here is whether you can actually stop yourself after that little bit. If treats like a square or two of dark chocolate a day or the occasional slice of pizza make dieting more bearable then it’s clearly working for you. However, if you know that one square turns into the whole bar, or that one slice of pizza will never be enough, perhaps you need to wean yourself off of these favorites, especially if they’re high in salt or sugar as these can become addictive. The best way is to cut down gradually, as suddenly not being able to have these comfort foods can be tough, but, if cutting it out completely is easier then go with it – it’s about finding the dieting formula that works for you.

2. Counting Calories: Is it the only way?

Basically, no. Counting calories works for many dieters because they are able to see more easily how much they can eat of a certain food, and when they’ve reached their limit for the day. However, it’s important to recognize that not all calories are created equally; avocados may be high in calories, but they are also full of good fats that boost weight loss, and diet soda may be calorie-free but it’s far from healthy. So, take all things into consideration when choosing what to eat, as calories are only part of the picture. If you’re not a fan of counting calories then aiming to fill half of your plate with vegetables, fruit, or a combination of the two is a good place to start. Then, understanding portion sizes will really help you to tell how much you should eat of different foods; this handy guide should make things clearer.

3. Exercise: Do I have to?

If you really hate exercise, you can lose weight without it, but you have to realize that weight loss will be much slower, you’ll struggle much more to keep the weight off, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to tone up your body. Although exercise is pretty non-negotiable if you really want to lose weight for good, your approach to exercise should always be tailored to your own preferences and capabilities. People who work out regularly probably don’t love all exercise, they just like the exercise they do. So, with this in mind, shift your perspective into thinking that you don’t hate exercise, you just haven’t found the one you love yet. The softest approach to becoming more active would be to take up a hobby which is a little more energetic, such as gardening, or walking in the country, or just to incorporate more activity into a hobby you already have. So, if you like socializing and meeting people, dance classes would be a great way to do that while you also burn calories. If there’s nothing you can think of and your motivation needs a nudge, walking or cycling to work could work well for you; if exercise is your means of transport then you have no choice but to do it every day. As a compromise, maybe you could get a lift to work and walk home? If you know that you need something to motivate you, then the desire to get home after work is a pretty good one! And, if you need a little energy to get you started then Phen Caps are perfect as they boost energy and also suppress appetite, so you can concentrate on getting fit.

4. Water: I know it’s good for me but I don't really like it

Articles with tips on how to lose weight always tell you to drink water (we know we’re guilty of this too!), and although it’s true that drinking water really helps, we do realize that not everyone likes water. The danger here is that, if it seems like it’s water or nothing, you might end up drinking nothing. This then leads to dehydration which is really bad for you as it stalls weight loss and harms your physical and mental health. So, drink as much water as you can, but also drink other drinks you like that still hydrate. Tea is a great option, and while green tea is the best for you, unsweetened fruit teas or even black teas help to hydrate you with water. Feel free to add skimmed milk or fruit for flavor, but steer clear of sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you prefer something cold, then club soda with fruit, homemade iced tea, or our weight-loss-boosting product, Phen Drink, will all refresh you and make a change from boring water! Lastly, eating food with a high water content, such as cucumber or watermelon also hydrates you and these foods also fill you up on very few calories too!

5. Nutrients: It’s so hard to eat a wide range of foods

Recent studies indicate that many of us are failing to lose weight due to lacking important nutrients in our diets which help to fuel our bodies, boost metabolism and facilitate fat burning. Dieting advice typically encourages you to eat a variety of fresh foods to obtain all these nutrients but it’s not always that easy in reality, especially if you’re pushed for time or on a budget. What’s more, to lose weight you often need to cut down on how much you eat, plus there may be healthy foods which you simply don’t like or can’t eat, meaning that it can be difficult to get the many essential nutrients we need every day. While it’s a good idea to try to get as much of a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods as you can, it’s advisable to support your healthy eating with a multivitamin to provide the vitamins and minerals that are hard to obtain solely from eating healthily. This is why it’s a great idea to incorporate a multivitamin such as Phen Vites into your daily routine, then you can be at your best for whatever comes along and have all your vitamins and minerals ticked off before you’ve even had breakfast!

While advice is always useful when you’re trying to lose weight, in time, you come to know what works for you in reality. This is why it’s best to tailor your healthy eating regime and chosen ways to get more active to your personal abilities and preferences, as you’re far more likely to stick to something that is achievable for you and see real long term success on your weight loss journey.