weight loss back to school

Monday, September 1st marks Labor Day, a holiday for the workers that is also often seen as symbolizing the end of summer and the start of a new school year and milder season. While the old adage might say that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, this holiday can mark a great day to start fresh with a blank page if the rest of the year hasn’t quite gone as planned and your New Year’s resolutions are no more than a distant memory. So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get back on track by following these ten great tips, because your weight loss goals are still there for the taking!

1. Forget ‘All or Nothing’

This way of thinking can be very destructive to your weight loss journey; if you have a slip up, don’t get into the mindset that the whole day or week is a write-off and you can start again tomorrow, next week, next month…. Start again right now! So you don’t have a perfect healthy record for the day or you won’t be able to say that you’ve worked out every day this week, but so what? Once is better than never, ten minutes spent walking is better than ten minutes sat on the couch, and one healthy meal today is better than putting off your plan until tomorrow. If you make a mistake at work, you don’t go home and think how you’ll start again tomorrow, so why is your weight loss journey any different? Keep going, because those that never make mistakes, never make anything.

2. Learn Your A-B-C’s

As well as working hard, you need to look after yourself and make sure you keep topped up with all your vitamins and minerals, especially as flu season approaches. What’s more, if you’re struggling to lose weight, then it may be because you’re lacking in nutrients such as magnesium or vitamin C, which are essential for converting food into energy and keeping your metabolism running smoothly. Our new multivitamins, Phen Vites, contain all the essential nutrients as well as the weight-loss boosters 5-HTP and vitamin B12, so they’re the only vitamins you’ll need if you’re serious about weight loss!

3. Share Your Goals

Whether it’s on an online forum or telling your friends and family what you want to accomplish in the coming weeks and months, laying down your goals and letting people know when you achieve them can really help to keep you accountable and ensure that those around you are with you and supporting you all the way.

4. Go for a Walk

As the weather cools, we tend to spend more time indoors and less time being active, but going for a walk in the fresh autumn air can help clear your head, boost your metabolism, release stress, boost your energy levels, and add to calorie burn, which isn’t bad for a quick 15 minutes around the block. Get into the habit of going for a quick walk every lunchtime, or if that’s not possible, take a stroll after dinner, before you get too settled for the evening.

weight loss back to school

5. Make a Playlist

The right music is a great motivator, so make sure you have lots of upbeat songs to listen to and inspire you while you’re working out!

6. Have Fun

The best part of school was always recess, when you got to run around and play with friends, so what’s different now? Children don’t run, play and go for bike rides to burn calories or get healthy, they do these things because they’re fun and they love to feel the wind on their skin and the freedom it brings. If you’re not enjoying your exercise routine, change it - buy a bike, join a Sunday soccer team, start a dance class – whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it!

7. Reveal Your Inner Warrior

Winter is coming…and while you might not have to fight off a dragon or defend the honor of your family name, it can be a great way to change your way of thinking about exercise. Who doesn’t like the sound of being a strong tough warrior? Plus, sports like boxing and kickboxing are great for building muscles and burning calories, so get pummeling and work on those jump kicks because it’s time to toughen up!

8. Drink Up!

Drinking lots of water is beneficial to your health and your weight loss journey, but it can get a little boring sometimes. So, why not try new Phen Drink , with its great green tea flavor, Phen Drink can keep you hydrated while also boosting your metabolism for optimal weight loss results!

9. Keep a Diary

Be a better student than your kids this coming term and keep track of everything that passes your lips. Many people who have successfully lost weight claim that this method really helps them to keep their eating under control, as it helps them to avoid mindless snacking or eating on the go. Simply keep an open note pad on your smartphone to track your meals, or, if you like the old fashioned way, buy a notebook and track it there!

10. Add a Supplement

Our original weight loss supplements, Phen Caps, are the leading phentermine alternative and can really help you to get back on track with your weight loss goals if the summer has been a little less successful than you’d hoped. By suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy levels, they can help you to focus on your goals and get back to work with eating better to help maximize your weight-loss potential!

As mentioned at the beginning, Labor Day can mean different things to all of us; a start of a new season, a second chance at our weight loss goals, or new opportunities to get active, with new activities. Use this day off work to really think about what you want out of life, why and how you want to lose weight, and what to do to get there. After all, it is always easier to accomplish a goal when you have a solid reason why you want to do it! Keep your eye on the prize, and sooner or later, it will be all yours!

Do you have any tips of your own for how to get back on track with weight loss? If so, let us know by sharing below!