Launched in 1981, the original Beverly Hills Diet is considered by many as the first fad diet. Although the more recent, “New Beverly Hills Diet” is less extreme, medical experts remain skeptical. Here we explain the New Beverly Hills Diet and review its suitability for your weight loss journey with Phen Caps.

The New Beverly Hills Diet Rules

As with the original diet, the main concept of the New Beverly Hills Diet is “food combining.”

Judy Mazel, the diet’s creator, states that it is not what you eat or in what quantity that leads to weight gain, but rather when and in what combination food is eaten. She claims that combining the wrong foods together leads to inefficient digestion, which then triggers weight gain. Dieters are told that they can expect to lose around 10-15 pounds in the first 35 days of the program.

During the 35-day initiation plan, you will eat mostly fruit. There are also some “all protein” days and a few days when you can eat whatever you like.

After the five-week induction phase is over, dieters are instructed to follow Mazel’s four “conscious combining” principles:

1. Fruit must be eaten alone at all times

2. Protein can be combined with fat, but not carbohydrates

3. Carbohydrates can be combined with fat, but not protein

4. Most alcoholic beverages are carbohydrates: wine should be treated as fruit and champagne is ‘neutral’ (so it can be consumed with any type of food)

Moreover, Mazel recommends that everyone begin each day with an “enzymatic fruit” such as a prune, apricot, pineapple, or persimmon. She also claims that certain fruits have weight-loss enhancing properties: papaya is said to soften fat in the body, pineapple burns off the fat and watermelon flushes it out of the body.

In terms of protein: once you’ve eaten a protein food, 80% of what you eat the rest of the day should also be protein.

Exercise is not a requirement of the diet, but Mazel does recognize the beneficial effects of physical activity to improve cardiovascular health and achieve emotional balance. She encourages followers to work out at least twice a week.

The New Beverly Hills Diet Menu

There is no calorie counting, and after the first five weeks, no portion control on the New Beverly Hills Diet. You can eat as much as you want as long as you follow the specific rules listed above.

Mazel does not prohibit any foods, but she does note that artificial sweeteners, additives, non-dairy creamer, margarine and other artificial butter should be avoided because they cause digestive problems.

This table explains how common foods are divided:

Category Examples
Proteins Beef, cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, flan, ice cream, milk, nuts, pork, seeds, shellfish, yogurt
Fats Butter, heavy cream, mayonnaise, oil, sour cream, whipped cream
Carbohydrates Fruits, vegetables, grains and alcohol
50/50s (protein/carb) Avocados, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lentils, peanuts, soybeans

Here is a sample menu:

  • Breakfast: Unlimited fresh pineapple
  • Lunch: Pasta with cheese, side salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber
  • Dinner: Chicken with soybeans and avocado


This menu features an all-fruit breakfast, which means you would need to wait at least one hour before eating any other fruit and at least two hours before eating any other food.

At lunchtime if you choose to eat protein this means that you cannot eat carbohydrates with it and you would also need to make the rest of your meals that day 80% protein, so the only way to consume carbohydrates is at lunchtime with fat or other carbs.

Dinner is most likely the meal where you would eat protein, but as you cannot eat this with carbohydrates, you could only combine this with the 50/50s or fats.

Beverly Hills Diet Pros and Cons

Many criticize the Beverly Hills and New Beverly Hill Diets for their lack of scientific basis and questionable nutrition, but are there any benefits to adopting this extreme diet. Here are some the the Beverly Hill Diet's pros and cons:


Benefits of the New Beverly Hills Diet are slim, but they include:

  • Easy meal prep the during the five week initiation phase (mostly fruit)
  • No calorie counting or portion estimation
  • All foods are permitted


The list of potential downsides is much longer. This extreme diet is worrisome because it is:

  • Overly-restrictive and not suitable for people with diabetes
  • Very low in calories, protein, essential fats and minerals during the first five weeks
  • Based on unclear rules that make the diet confusing
  • Not based in science or facts (no proof of efficacy)
  • Not designed to produce any long-term behavioral change

This diet has many limitations and is based on theories with no scientific evidence. If food is not digested properly its calories cannot be used by the body, so the idea that undigested food makes people gain weight is incorrect.

Moreover, this plan is dangerously low in calories and lacking in many nutrients – especially during the initiation phase – and the principle of food combining makes social eating difficult. This diet will likely lead to weight loss, but only because of the plethora of confusing and restrictive rules.

The most successful diets are ones that you can stick with and make part of your lifestyle, so we do NOT recommend the New Beverly Hills Diet as a method for achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Instead, recommends a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve weight loss goals. Combining a healthy, sustainable diet with our supplement, Phen Caps, will make your weight loss a more achievable AND sustainable goal.


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