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Do you believe that you’re doomed to be overweight due to your slow metabolism? Well, new evidence suggests that this is a fixable problem. While you can inherit a slow metabolism just as easily as blue eyes, lifestyle changes can offer a viable alternative for people currently struggling with metabolic problems. Losing weight with Phen Caps and with the added metabolism boost of Phen Drink can really help increase your energy and suppress your appetite, as you gain lean muscle and remove fat. However, there are some simple, everyday tricks that can improve your results, as you make your way through your weight loss journey.

Know Your Body

You need to think of your body as an engine, and just as a car will react differently to unleaded gas or diesel fuel, our metabolisms react to what we eat in different ways; a diet that works for one individual may not have the same results for another. Dietician Mary Ellen Doukakis explains that your body’s response to protein, carbohydrates and fat depends on your individual biochemical make-up, which is a great advantage for knowing what works for you. Keeping a food journal can be a great help; if you lose more weight one week, look back and see what you did differently, as it may give clues as to your body’s reaction with how much you eat or to certain foods.

Try Reducing Carbs

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that many of us may be able to boost our metabolism by replacing some carbs with protein from meat, poultry and dairy foods. In the study, when overweight or obese participants with insulin resistance ate a high-protein diet (27% protein, 44% carbohydrates, 29% fat) they not only lost more fat mass, they also kept more lean muscle. The comparison group ate a diet consisting of 16% protein, 57% carbohydrates and 27% fat, and did not lose as much. However, don’t cut out carbs completely as you´ll be setting yourself up for health problems.

Consider Cutting Back on Animal Protein

For others, eating fewer animal products can be more productive. A 2003 nutrition study found that overweight participants made their metabolism more efficient by eating more vegetables and fruit. They gradually reduced their intake of animal products, including meat and dairy and saw on average a 24 percent improvement in their metabolic function.

Avoid Diet Foods

Forget low-fat foods like cottage cheese and low-fat versions of your favorite muffins and pre-made meals. These foods have a low ‘thermic effect’, which refers to how our bodies convert calories into body heat. The goal is to burn off more calories and store less fat, so you should increase the thermic effect by eating high-fiber foods rich in complex carbs and cutting out simple carbs, such as sugar. By substituting 10 percent of your meal with high-fiber foods, you’ll burn more calories for several hours.

Watch Those Portions

Some dieters have less success when eating carbs because their portion sizes are just too big. Cutting portion sizes of carbohydrates can have a great impact on your metabolism, as it can be the portion size rather than the carbs that your body is responding to. However, a diet of less than 1200 calories per day is never advisable. When you do this, your body reacts by going into starvation mode, which involves water retention and a significantly slower metabolism.

boost metabolism

Eat Metabolism Boosters

When it comes to speeding up your metabolism, not all foods are created equal. Sunflower seeds are a great metabolism booster, as they are a great source of protein, which provides us with energy once our carbohydrate sources are gone, therefore boosting our metabolism. Tuna is another booster due to its high protein content and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, while beans are loaded with fiber as well as protein. One way to start the day and wake up your metabolism, is to eat some grapefruit since the chemical properties in this citrus fruit can reduce insulin levels, therefore boosting your metabolism. Green tea has been shown to boost your metabolism so try getting into the habit of having a cup each day. Phen Drink also contains green tea extract and EGCG as well as other metabolism-boosters such as ginger and guarana to boost your metabolism as you drink water.

Exercise is Key

While calories count and some foods can really help make a difference, activity in the form of regular exercise is key to improving how your body uses and stores what you eat. Phen Caps supply your body with the added energy, in order to be able to incorporate exercise into the daily routine of your life. In turn, doing exercise will increase your energy levels and your metabolism.

Research at UCLA shows that moderate exercise for 30 minutes each day, along with a loss of around 10lbs changes your metabolism. It also reduced the development of diabetes by as much as 58 percent. Another study by the University of Kansas showed that exercise, alone, can help you trim down. Participants either began a program of moderate supervised exercise, awhile the other didn’t change their activity level, but neither group dieted. Both men and women in the exercise group lost significant abdominal fat while their lean muscle mass remained the same. This can be explained, since exercise triggers the body’s muscles to use up calories, rather than store them as fat. Furthermore, maintaining muscle mass also consumes more energy for the body, which shows that in the end, exercise is what can really make the difference.

Here, you can see that changing what and how you eat, plus increasing your level of activity, can really have an impact on your metabolism, giving hope to anyone who feels they are struggling with a slow metabolic rate.

Do you struggle with a slow metabolism? How do you cope with it? We would love to hear what you have to say, so please comment below!