How Does Phen Drink Help Me Lose Weight?

How Does Phen Drink Help Me Lose Weight?
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We all know that drinking plenty of water is great for health and can help to boost weight loss by enabling your body to function better and improving metabolism, and that drinking water can also stop thirst masquerading as hunger so you don’t end up eating when you’re not really hungry.

Furthermore, many medications cause dry mouth as a common side effect, which requires you to drink even more. However, drinking plain water can become boring, and while drinking water can ease the dry mouth side effect, it does little to solve the underlying problem.

For this reason, - the creators of Phen Caps - launched Phen Drink, which is easily added to water to hydrate you while adding interest to your daily supply of water, plus it contains ingredients which reduce dry mouth and also boost your metabolism. Phen Drink is your ideal on-the-go partner while you’re on your weight loss journey as it helps you to lose weight in three key ways, as we explain here.

Kiss Goodbye To Dry Mouth

The first way that Phen Drink can help you to lose weight is that it enables you to overcome the dry mouth side effect caused by Adipex and other medications. Although dry mouth doesn’t sound particularly bad, it can be unbearable for the many phentermine users who experience this common side effect. Accordingly, by reducing dry mouth, Phen Drink ensures that if you’re taking phentermine to lose weight, you’ll be able to complete your phentermine prescription more easily and with less problems.

While drinking water can help to ease the dry mouth side effect and quench what can seem like an insatiable thirst, it doesn’t actually solve the problem, which is a lack of saliva caused by the amphetamine-like qualities of phentermine. As a solution, Phen Drink contains the three ingredients green tea extract, chamomile extract, and prickly ash, which are all sialagogues, meaning that they increase the flow of saliva to the mouth to counteract the dry mouth effect. Adding Phen Drink to drinking water therefore helps to ease this side effect while also keeping you hydrated, meaning that you’re less likely to stop taking phentermine as a result of the dry mouth side effect. However, if you find that some of the other side effects of phentermine are making it difficult for you to continue, then Phen Caps may be the solution for you!

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Phen Caps help you lose weight by suppressing appetite and boosting energy, but unlike phentermine, Phen Caps don’t cause dry mouth or any other side effects. Many of our customers have taken phentermine before and say that Phen Caps compare really well, as our testimonials show.

Add Flavor To Your Eight Glasses A Day

Secondly, whether you’re taking Phen Caps, phentermine or just trying to lose weight on your own, drinking water is a must but it can be hard to get into the habit if you’re not used to drinking so much water. Since drinking water is so important for dieting to keep your body hydrated and working well, and to suppress hunger, Phen Drink enables you to make drinking water less boring, meaning that getting your eight glasses a day will be much easier. Phen Drink fans tell us how the delicious fruity flavor helps them drink more water without realizing it, meaning that getting enough water is less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Phen Drink is also a great way to kick your soda habit while dieting as it contains no carbs, sugar or calories so you can satisfy your sweet craving without the weight gain. Phen Drink is naturally sweetened with lo han fruit, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has many health benefits, so it won’t have the same effect on your body as the artificial sweeteners in diet soda. And, if you miss the sparkle of soda, try adding Phen Drink to seltzer water for a fizzy hit of H2O.

Boost Your Metabolism & Fat Burn

Lastly, Phen Drink has been specially formulated with several metabolism-boosting ingredients so it can directly help you to lose weight, both as a support to Phen Caps or phentermine, or on its own, meaning that you’ll get even more benefits from the water you drink.

Phen Drink includes the ingredient ECGC - one of the main polyphenols in green tea, which has been found to have a positive effect on weight management and metabolism, as well as ginger, a botanical medicine which has been found to be a metabolic enhancer, leading to weight loss and positive changes in body fat content as a result. Phen Drink also contains guarana, which supplies the metabolism-boosting phenols catechins and epicatechin, and has also been found to significantly increase memory and alertness. Studies have also shown it to be beneficial to weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness and suppressing appetite. Lastly, the ingredients chamomile and lemongrass help to aid digestion and reduce bloating as food will be processed more efficiently to produce energy and increase metabolism.

It’s clear to see that Phen Drink can help you to lose weight in many ways; whether it’s to help you drink more water, give you an added hit of metabolism-boosting from the water you drink, or to relieve uncomfortable dry mouth.

With the help of Phen Drink, Phen Caps and 5 Star Fat Burner you'll be on your way to weight loss success in no time!

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