How Do Phen Vites Help Me Lose Weight?

How Do Phen Vites Help Me Lose Weight?

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We all know that taking a multivitamin helps to keep you healthy, but did you know that getting your daily dose of vitamins also helps you to lose weight? What’s more, Phen Vites are the ONLY multivitamin supplement specifically designed for people losing weight. Phen Vites combine special ingredients designed to boost metabolism, decrease stress hormones, suppress appetite, improve mood and control blood sugar levels, and are therefore the ONLY multivitamins you need on your weight loss journey to success! Here we explain exactly how Phen Vites help you to lose weight.

The Energy And Motivation You Need To Succeed

Often, eating a restricted diet and embarking on an exercise regime for what might be the first time ever can leave your energy levels depleted despite your best intentions to improve your health with weight loss. You can help boost your losses and your energy levels with Phen Caps, the weight loss supplement that suppresses appetite and gives you added energy. However, it’s also important to make sure that your body is functioning at its optimum to process foods and supply you with natural energy, which is where Phen Vites can help. Many of us lack crucial vitamins in our modern diets due to cutting out the 'bad' foods you should be eating, believing supposedly healthy food labels and mistakenly avoiding good fats. For those trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to obtain all of these crucial vitamins whilst eating a limited number of calories, not to mention that stocking your kitchen with such a wide variety of foods and other supplements can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. So, while we would encourage you to eat a healthy and varied diet, we also recommend Phen Vites, which provide all of these nutrients lacking in our modern diets and more. Phen Vites contain energy-boosting vitamins such as B12, which is supported with vitamins A, C and E, plus magnesium to regulate the way the body uses food to fuel the body’s energy supplies, so Phen Vites will get you back to feeling energized and motivated to continue on your weight loss journey. 

Boost Your Mood AND Your Losses

A weight loss journey can be a real roller-coaster of emotions; one day you’re motivated and energized, ready to make this your last and most successful weight loss journey, then the next day it feels like your goal is a million miles away and you’re ready to give up. Exercise is a great mood lifter, plus it increases energy levels and helps you sleep better, and mood-boosting foods can help, but the added boost of Phen Vites will give you the real boost you need to stay on top of your game and be motivated to continue. Phen Vites include selenium, a nutrient known for its mood-boosting properties, 5-HTP, which helps to lift your mood and regulate sleep, and tyrosine, an amino acid which can help reduce feelings of depression, meaning that Phen Vites can lead to fewer cravings and a happier you!


De-Stress To Weight Loss Success

Stress is an enemy to weight loss success. Stress increases our cortisol levels which then causes us to gain fat, particularly around the belly, the most dangerous place to carry excess fat. Cortisol breaks down lean muscle (the type of tissue which helps burn calories more efficiently) and holds onto fat stores in the abdominal region, so the stress caused by dieting can actually have an adverse effect on your attempts to lose weight even with calorie restriction. Stress also disrupts sleep patterns, which can in turn cause an increase of the hormone ghrelin (which triggers hunger) and a decrease in leptin (which helps you feel full). 5-HTP helps regulate sleep patterns, while Phosphatidylserine (PS) is known to assist with controlling metabolism and reducing cortisol levels. Vitamin C - found to be lacking in 98% of modern US diets - also helps balance cortisol spikes as this vitamin is essential for making carnitine, a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel. In addition to 5-HTP and PS, Phen Vites contain vitamin C while Phen Caps contain L-carnitine, so the combination of these two products is the perfect way to eliminate the damaging effects of stress on your chance of weight loss success.

Enhance The Effects Of Weight Loss Medications

Not only do Phen Vites restore your energy levels and help you to be healthier, they also help to increase your weight loss potential. Many nutrients are lacking in our modern diets, and even if you try to introduce more nuts, grains, fruit and vegetables into your diet, it can be difficult to ensure that you tick all the boxes for your recommended daily allowances while also sticking to a calorie limit. However, ironically, lacking in these crucial vitamins can slow your best efforts, and can be the reason that many people struggle to lose weight, despite eating healthily and exercising. Phen Vites provide all the nutrients you need to boost weight loss with weight loss medications like phentermine (Adipex), and work perfectly in conjunction with our weight loss supplement Phen Caps. Phen Vites include B12, which helps to metabolize fat and protein more efficiently, the natural appetite-suppressant 5-HTP, and magnesium, which helps to stop cravings and hunger by regulating glucose and keeping blood sugar levels steady. And lastly, the special ingredient L-tyrosine improves the effectiveness of appetite suppressants which stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, although alone it does not show appetite-suppressing effects, meaning that adding Phen Vites to other weight loss products makes them work even harder for you.

Losing weight can be physically and emotionally draining, so it’s important that you’re giving your body all the help it needs to succeed. Obtaining sufficient amounts of the many different nutrients we need each day to be healthy and help our bodies function at their best can be very tough, especially when we’re pushed for time and buying fresh produce for meals which provide these nutrients isn’t always possible. This is why it’s a great idea to incorporate Phen Vites into your daily routine, then you can be at your best for whatever comes along and have all your vitamins and minerals ticked off before you’ve even had breakfast!

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