No need to worry if you haven't quite achieved that bikini body yet, with Phen Caps, lots of water, and some motivation to put that extra energy to use, you'll be there in no time! Not only can you take advantage of the benefits from Phen Caps to get the body you truly deserve, you can also go a long way with a little bit of extra knowledge. Avoid these six foods before hitting the sand, and you'll be sure to improve your beach body faster than you can say, "Surfing in the USA"!


Those of you who find yourself hoping that last night’s meal out won’t have led to an inexplicable overnight gain on the scale will know how salty foods or added salt can make you retain water. This can lead to bloating and carrying extra pounds of water weight. So, to make sure you’re at your bikini-best, skip the salt, opt for low-sodium foods, and drink lots of water before heading to the beach.

Carbonated Drinks

Sparkling water can work as a great substitute to wean you off soda for good, but it’s best to avoid any carbonated drinks before you hit the beach to steer clear of unnecessary belly bulge or gas.

Cruciferous Veggies

This refers to vegetables in the same family, including broccoli, cabbage, kale and cauliflower. These are all great foods for long-term weight loss, and with great extra benefits in terms of vitamins and minerals, but these veggies should be avoided before you hit the beach. This is because they contain a complex sugar called raffinose that’s known to cause bloating.



If you have even the slightest form of lactose intolerance, then avoid dairy before you hit the beach. Sensitivity to lactose can cause belly discomfort, bloating and gas, so it’s best to just say no.


Chewing gum can be a great way to keep your mouth busy and your mind off food, but it can actually cause your belly to swell. The reasoning behind this makes sense, as you’re swallowing large amounts of air.

Sugary Mixed Drinks

While lazing on a long sandy beach conjures up images of piña coladas, strawberry daiquiris and rum runners, all that extra sugar is not helping your cause. Between natural sugars from fruit and the artificial sweeteners found in these drinks, not to mention the alcohol which gets converted to sugar, these are guaranteed to leave you bloated.

So, there you have it, keeping away from these foods and drinks can help to beat the bloat and make sure that you’re looking your best when it comes to slipping on your swimsuit and hitting the beach. Just don’t forget to pack your Phen Caps when you go on your vacation, as you’ll be sure to need the appetite-suppressing effects and energy boost to make sure you keep your focus on healthy eating and being active while you’re having fun in the sun!

Do you have any other great tips for how to beat the bloat, or advice for looking your best in your bikini? Let us know by commenting below!