weight loss facts

Just when you thought you’d read everything there was to known about weight loss, here comes some facts that might surprise, and maybe even disappoint you. However, although you think that you don’t want to know the truth, remember that knowledge is power, and that this power will help you to better understand your body and therefore lead to even more weight loss success.

1. Your Weight Loss Goal ISN'T a Number

We don’t want to demotivate you while you’re doing so well, but your goals should be based on more than just a number on the scale. We tend to talk about weight loss but really we should be focusing on fat loss, as that’s what we really want to be aiming for, and most scales will just give you an overall figure without taking lean muscle mass into account. However, on the bright side, if you’re not seeing the numbers you want but you’re losing inches or fitting into smaller clothes, then you can be console yourself with the fact that you’re burning fat and building muscle, which is exactly what you should be doing to achieve the body you want. Instead of just focusing on your weight, it’s a good idea to add other goals and challenges into the mix, such as drinking more water, eating more vegetables , or running a little faster or farther each week so you feel like you’ve succeeded even if the numbers aren’t necessarily adding up.

2. Losing Weight is NOT Counting Calories

Counting calories will not necessarily help you to lose weight; it’s important to recognize that not all calories were created equally and that empty calories can really stall our best weight loss efforts. Furthermore, long gone are the ideas that weight loss is a case of burning more calories than you consume; your body needs a variety of foods and a multitude of vitamins and minerals to keep your body working efficiently, and without efficiency, weight loss is not a priority for your body if it is having to function without these crucial nutrients.

A healthy diet is essential when trying to lose weight, however, it can be difficult to meet all your recommended daily allowances for these nutrients when you’re counting calories, so this is when a great multivitamin can really help. Plus, taking a weight loss supplement to give you an energy boost and help with appetite suppression can really help your losses. Lastly, keeping track of your food intake and exercise with a progress diary can help you to see what works best for your body, but remember to always keep challenging yourself to keep it interesting!

weight loss facts

3. Weight Loss Plateaus Can Be a GOOD Thing

The dreaded weight loss plateau, every dieters’ nightmare…or is it? Failing to lose weight for a week or two is actually your body’s way of telling you that now you’re so much slimmer, it needs less fuel to keep itself going. It also means that you’ve mastered the dietary patterns required to maintain a slimmer new you, which is a major milestone worth recognizing and celebrating. To help break the plateau and get back to losing weight, you could try these tips to boost metabolism, or you could opt for a metabolism-boosting drink mix which is simply added to water for a great-tasting alternative that is carb-free and calorie-free but still hydrates like water.

4. Stress Makes You GAIN Weight

If you’re doing everything right and yet still struggling to lose weight, it is a good idea to take a look at your lifestyle, and particularly how stressed you are and how much sleep you’re getting. Stressful circumstances, such as your job or your bank account, spark cravings for carbohydrate-rich snack foods like cakes and chips, which calm stress hormones. These stress hormones also increase fat storage; for our prehistoric ancestors, stress meant an impending drought or approaching enemies and therefore the stored fat served as fuel in times of hunger or battle, yet today we take our stress sitting down and so the unused calories accumulate around our midsection. Stress also disrupts sleep patterns, which can in turn cause an increase of the hormone ghrelin (which triggers hunger) and a decrease in leptin (which helps you feel full). So, take the time to relax and put your problems to bed before you hit the sack as all this stress is causing you more problems in the long run.

5. Your Friends’ and Spouse’s Weight Affects YOU

Research shows that weight gain and loss can be ‘contagious’. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that if one spouse is obese, the other is 37 percent more likely to become obese too, however, the same study found that close mutual friends had the biggest impact on weight, whereby it was 117 percent more likely for a person to be obese if they had an obese close friend. The researchers concluded that obesity seems to spread through social networks, but that the opposite is also true as friends and spouses begin to realize their own potential to lose weight if someone close to them is successfully losing weight. So, while you’re on your weight loss journey and becoming healthier, remember that you’re also inspiring your friends right now!

See, it wasn’t so bad, was it?! And don’t you feel so much better now that you know the truth? Have you got any interesting facts about weight loss to share with us? If so, spread the word by commenting below!