diet hacks you need to try

Long term weight loss isn’t about quick fixes, but sometimes a little help to get the losses moving can go a long way to boosting your motivation and ultimately your ability to lose weight for good. So, here we have six handy diet hacks that can give you a shortcut to losing more weight and seeing the results you want a little quicker!

1. Eat From Blue Plates

It’s not something conscious, but certain colors can trigger hunger, while other colors can suppress it. Colors can evoke feelings, moods or memories within us that subconsciously influence the way we behave. And, as our emotions directly link to our eating habits, it’s not surprising that colors can encourage us to eat more or less. Brands are aware of the influence of color; the golden arches of McDonalds are so alluring because yellow increases hunger signals, and red makes you thirsty, which is why coke comes in red cans. But, just as these warm colors can fire up your appetite for unhealthy foods and drinks, you can help to suppress hunger signals by sticking to blue or green plates, which help to calm down your receptors and encourage more mindful eating. And, if you still need a little help to stop you reaching for seconds, then the appetite-suppressing effects of Phen Caps can really help to get you back on track.

2. Do Dairy

Supermarket shelves are filling up with non-dairy alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk and oat milk, but normal skimmed milk is the best option if you’re trying to lose weight and have no special dietary requirements. Although unsweetened versions of these non-dairy alternatives generally contain fewer calories, dairy products like skimmed milk and unsweetened yogurts actually encourage your body to block fat production. In a study of obese adults, those who consumed a total of 1100 milligrams of calcium (around three servings of light yogurt) per day lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than those on a low-dairy diet. The researchers explained that a high-calcium diet stops the production of calcitriol, a hormone that ‘tells’ the body to generate fat, but also noted that calcium supplements did not produce the same effect. We recommend a daily glass of skimmed milk and a low fat unsweetened yogurt to provide your body with bone-strengthening calcium and healthy proteins to keep you feeling full, so it’s win-win for your health and your waistline!

3. Go To Bed Earlier

After a bad night’s sleep, we’re prone to mid-afternoon cravings as our body tries to cope with the 3pm energy slump. And, while a quick nap around this time is said to be the perfect pick-me-up to boost energy and increase metabolism, most of us can only dream of a post-lunch snooze. However, going to bed earlier is something we can all do to increase our chance of weight loss. Sleep helps to regulate the hormones which control hunger and satiety, meaning that you’ll be less likely to reach for easy calories from high-fat snacks. Plus, sleep helps to reduce cortisol in our body – a hormone that’s produced as a result of stress and which directly leads to weight gain, especially around the belly. So, try to be in bed ready for sleep 8 hours before you have to get up to ensure you get at least 7 hours shut-eye.

diet hacks you need to try

4. Eat Dessert For Breakfast

We’re not suggesting you regress to your childhood fantasies of eating ice cream at 7am, but rather to finish off the first meal of your day with something sweet. A study led by Tel Aviv University found that those who ate a small cookie or cake alongside a hearty but healthy breakfast reported fewer sweet cravings throughout the day. Furthermore, the participants who ate the dessert for breakfast throughout the duration of the study went on to lose an average of 15lbs more than those who stuck to a lighter breakfast without the treat. Other studies have previously found that allowing yourself to have your daily treat earlier in the day leads to a more concentrated effort to stick to your plan for the rest of the day, as well as fewer cravings and feelings of deprivation.

5. Spice It Up

Opting to make meals at home instead of eating out is a sure-fire way to eat less calories as you can control how much sodium, fat and sugar you consume. And, although, healthy eating does have a reputation for being bland and tasteless, it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of salt and artificial flavors, you can add a huge taste boost to your dishes by experimenting with herbs and spices, and once you start building up a repertoire of recipes, you should make sure that your favorite spices are always in your pantry. What’s more, many flavorsome spices such as cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ginger, and black pepper all help to boost metabolism too, so you’ll also benefit from extra weight loss as well as more delicious home-cooking.

6. Turn Down The Heat At Night

While you’re getting your eight hours in bed, another way to boost your weight-loss potential is to make sure the heating is off at night. A study made by the US National Institutes of Health discovered that those who slept in a cooler room lost more weight than those who didn’t, despite both of them following the same diet plan. The study’s researchers put this added weight loss down to your body having to generate added heat throughout the night to keep warm, leading to an increase in ‘brown fat’ in the body. While it sounds bad, brown fat actually helps to speed up metabolism and boost weight loss. So, if you’re stuck for weight loss inspiration or find yourself in the middle of a plateau, make sure your bedroom is cool while you’re sleeping and you could see the benefits on the scale!

Do you have any diet hacks of your own to help boost weight loss results? Let us know by commenting below!