diet excuses and how to overcome them

We often have the best intentions to lose weight, but then life gets in the way and our plans to eat better and do more exercise fall by the wayside - we’re just too busy, too stressed, or too hungry, and diets don’t work for us anyway. However, these flimsy excuses don’t cut it with us, so it’s time to stop lying to yourself and get healthy with the help of these great tips.

1. It’s Too Expensive

Many people claim that they can’t afford to eat more healthily. However, the key to both eating healthily and saving money is planning ahead – which means planning meals, buying food accordingly and then cooking in bulk. You’ll save money by buying real food instead of junk and then by cooking more than you need there’ll always be something in the freezer to save you from ordering a takeout or hitting the drive-thru on the way home from a late work shift. These healthy affordable foods are a great place to start, and frozen vegetables, tinned foods and jars are all cheap essentials to keep in your pantry as a back-up. And one of the best things you can do for your health is to drink plenty of water which is free! If you blame not exercising on not being able to afford a gym membership then this is an even flimsier excuse – you can get fit right in the comfort of your own home without so much as a set of weights by turning your home into a boot camp. British mom Gemma Howden did just that and lost an incredible 140 pounds in 18 months!

2. I’m Too Busy

Most of us lead busy lifestyles, but this is no excuse for ditching the diet. Fruit and nuts are just as easy to eat on the go as a packet of potato chips, and a healthy salad can be whipped up in the same time it takes order take out. If being too busy is your excuse for not exercising, then as well as a food diary, try keeping an activity diary. Was there a time during the day when you could have been more active, even just by doing 10 minutes of activity? At lunchtime when you were on Facebook, could you have gone for a brisk 15 minute walk? While you were watching TV this evening, could you have done some squats and lunges during the commercial breaks? Exercise doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym, just including a little bit of activity during your day can make all the difference, and the extra energy you get from increasing your activity levels will mean you’ll be more efficient in your daily tasks, giving you even more time and motivation to exercise!

3. I’ve Got A Slow Metabolism

Many people believe they are unable to lose weight due to a slow metabolism. However, if you truly have a slow metabolism, the last thing your body needs is to be overloaded with excessive amounts of calories to burn off. Although our metabolic rate slows down as we get older, you can fight against it - your metabolism is not set in stone. By doing regular exercise and building muscles that contribute to calorie burn, you can actually boost your metabolism, plus there are many ways to burn calories without even trying! And, if you need some extra help then Phen Drink, which includes the known metabolism-boosters ginger and EGCG, will give you the extra push you need while adding the great flavor of green tea to your daily eight glasses of water.

diet excuses and how to overcome them

4. I Get Too Hungry

Eating healthily isn’t about starving yourself on fad diets; if your diet is leaving you hungry then it’s probably not a good diet, or it’s not sustainable in the long term. Think long-term changes that will keep you feeling satisfied such as eating more fiber and protein, cutting back on mindless snacking and switching from calorific soda to hydrating water, which stops thirst masquerading as hunger. If you’ve just eaten then you’ll probably bored instead of hungry so go and do something to stop the boredom - food won’t keep you entertained. However, you also shouldn’t go too long between meals as you’ll end up ravenous which leads to overeating at mealtimes. Instead, munch on these healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar level, and get extra help with the appetite-suppressing benefits of Phen Caps to keep your hunger in check as you establish a healthier way of eating.

5. It’s Not A Good Time Right Now

Ok so you’re tired, stressed, have a lot of work on…or is that you plan to start next week? Either way, this excuse just won’t cut it. You should start eating better and trying to get more active from the moment you decide you want to get healthier or lose weight – there’s no law that says diets have to start on Mondays, or even first thing in the morning – so if you had a less than healthy breakfast that doesn’t mean you can’t start improving your diet at lunchtime. If we put off everything until Monday morning then we’d never get anything done! If you’ve had a slip up then the same goes – put it behind you and move on straight away. And if it’s not a good time because you’re stressed or tired then improving your diet will only boost your mood and help you to look more beautiful, and getting lots of feel-good endorphins from exercise will also reduce stress and boost your energy levels.

6. It’s Genetics

Blaming our body shape on genetics is a good way to dismiss all responsibility towards it. After all, why bother starting an exercise plan or trying to eat healthily when it’s in your genes to have big hips or a big belly? However, while your genes can determine where and how easily fat is stored, you are not powerless to shift those pounds. Research suggests that regular exercise outweighs the effects of ‘fat genes’, and, as with having a slow metabolism, if you do believe you’re genetically pre-disposed to putting on weight then you should try harder to avoid it rather than just giving up. What’s more, research into obesity and the influence of social groups found that our weight is influenced more by our friends’ weight than our family members’ weight. So, spend more time with your fit friends and benefit from the added motivation of working out with an exercise buddy to fight the fat!

7. Diets Just Don’t Work For Me

This is one of the most common excuses around, but if you approach diets with that attitude then it’s not surprising that they don’t work for you! However, you are half right – ‘diets’ don’t really work in the long run, but changing your lifestyle little by little until you’ve found a way to be healthy for good does work! So, ditch the cabbage soup diet, forget you ever heard the word Paleo and avoid Atkins at all costs. Instead, adopt a sensible, healthy approach to eating which doesn’t involve cutting out major food groups and even allows you to eat the occasional treat. Cook more meals at home, watch your portion sizes eat more lean protein, fruit and vegetables, cut out soda, eat less sugar, drink more water, and start an exercise routine – even if it’s just a daily 10 minute walk, getting moving will make you feel so much better that you won’t want to give it up!

Do any of these excuses sound familiar? Or, have you been able to overcome your excuses and achieve weight loss success? Let us know by commenting below!