easter weight loss

Easter is on its way, the holiday that often means only one thing for kids – candy! And if they’re not searching for chocolate eggs, they’re eating bunny cookies or jelly beans. Easter is a time when food is often the center of attraction, but you don’t have to let the celebrations ruin your healthy eating intentions. Instead, focus on family activities that you can all take part in and enjoy spending time together. Here are a few ideas for you which will help you get in to the Easter spirit, but won’t derail your weight loss journey with Phen Caps.

1. Decorating Eggs

This is a great way to keep your kids busy, and they’ll have so much fun that hopefully they won’t notice the lack of chocolate in these eggs! Hard boil the eggs first and let them cool, then let your kids loose with food coloring, paint and pens to decorate the eggs as they like. There are some great ideas online, such as traditional patterned eggs in pastel colors, or even some trendy eggs with glasses and moustaches. Then, for more creative types, a really fun idea is to make the eggs into animals with the addition of some pieces of cardboard to bring the animals to life with arms and feet.

2. Easter Costumes

A full-on bunny suit might be stretching it at this late stage, but you and your kids can have great fun making a mask or some bunny ears. For the ears, the easiest way to attach them to your child’s head, is to buy some cheap hairbands and cover them in strips of white fabric. From there, you can make the ears from cardboard by cutting a doubled-over ear shape and sticking the backs together. Your kids can then add fabric or color to make them more interesting. The masks can be anything from a cute Easter lamb to Spiderman if your child prefers - whatever keeps them busy and entertained is the main thing!

easter weight loss

3. Table Decorations

The list is endless for the fun you can have creating Easter-themed table decorations with your children, and even better if you’re expecting family or friends around so that they can get the chance to show off their creations. A simple but effective idea is to make cutlery carrots, by wrapping green plastic cutlery in an orange napkin; just show your child how to do it and leave them to wrap the rest. Making a centerpiece of card flowers will also keep your children entertained; simply get some green straws and let them experiment with colored cardboard or tissue paper to make the flower heads and leaves for springtime flowers, like daffodils and tulips. For really creative types, some origami bunnies make great table decorations, or for a simple yet personal touch, get your little ones to decorate Easter-themed place markers for each guest.

4. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

To make your usual egg hunt more exciting, wait until after dark if you’re having the hunt outside or have it inside with the lights off and use glow-in-the-dark plastic eggs. Leave clues inside the eggs to let your kids know where the next egg is so they can follow a trail of clues to get to the goodies at the end of the hunt, which could be a special treat for the winner. And remember, the prize doesn’t have to be candy – other good ideas could be that they get to choose a DVD to watch later, or a family day out of their choice.

5. Egg Scramble

This outdoor game will get your kids running around and having fun, and you can join in too! One of the players is the ‘bunny’ and has to run after the other players, who are the ‘eggs’. The eggs quietly select colors for themselves so that the bunny doesn’t hear. Next, decide on a home base for the eggs, a starting point for the bunny (about 10 to 15 feet away from the eggs' home base), and a round-trip course for the players to run, such as to a tree and back or once around the house. Have the bunny and the eggs gather at their starting points. To play, the bunny begins calling out colors. As soon as the bunny calls a player's color, that egg takes off through the course, with the bunny in pursuit. If the bunny manages to tag the egg before he or she can make it back to home base, the egg is out and the bunny tries again with another color. The last egg to be caught is the winner!

See? This typical chocolate-laden holiday does not have to be filled with calories… You can actually burn some calories with these great activities! And, with the help of Phen Caps, your cravings will be kept at bay and your energy will be at an all-time high, making this a real win-win situation!

Do you have any other great ideas for how to have calorie-free fun this Easter? Let us know by commenting below!