excited weight loss

At this time of year life can seem a little dull, as the sunny days of summer become a distant memory. Boredom can lead to a lack of focus, which is the last thing you need while you’re on your weight loss journey with Phen Caps. Trying something new can help restore your motivation and give you a great mood boost, so why not try some of these ideas and inject some excitement into your life!

1. Take an Evening Class

Have you always wanted to write an award-winning screenplay, make jewelry, or speak French like a native? The time is now! Call your local community center and sign up for a noncredit course.

2. Get a Makeover

Fancy yourself as a redhead? Ask your hairdresser for a dye, or try a semi-permanent rinse at home. And what about your makeup? Book an appointment with a department store cosmetics specialist, and leave looking like a new person, even if you only actually buy a lip gloss.

3. Find a Blast From The Past

Stop wondering what happened to your best friend from primary school - track him or her down and find out. It could rekindle a great friendship!

4. Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Be brutal! If that dress clings in all the wrong places or that jacket looks like a tent since you lost weight, bag them for charity or make some money by selling them on eBay.


5. Put Your Hand Up

Give something back to the community by volunteering to help a charity. Deliver meals to the elderly, sign up to help the Red Cross or help create a community garden in your area.

6. Spice Up Your Social Life

Spend a night at a karaoke bar, theme park or line-dancing with a group of friends, and tighten your stomach muscles with all the laughing you'll do.

7. Formalize Your Weight Goal

Set on reaching a certain weight by your cousin's wedding or your partner's 40th? Then try strategies to motivate yourself. List 10 things you'll enjoy when you're slimmer and set yourself small concrete goals which will help you achieve this, such as to take two more walks a week or drink one more glass of water a day.

8. Overdose on Fresh Air

Head to the park, but don't languish on a picnic blanket - get moving and keep warm! Ride a bike, feed the ducks, throw a Frisbee, walk your dog, play a game of tag or rent some inline skates.

9. Act as Young as You Feel

Recapture the wonder you felt watching Bambi or The Little Mermaid by spending an afternoon at a kids' movie. If you don't have kids of your own, offer to take your sister's or friend's children - they'll love you for it.

10. Go Bazaar

With bright scarves, the smell of fresh flowers and straight-from-the-farm food, open-air markets give your senses a complete workout. Enjoy one-stop shopping by picking up ingredients for tonight's dinner, buying a new outfit, choosing a rug for the kitchen and purchasing some new house plants.

11. Plan a Party

Choose a theme: make it an evening of wine-tasting, a murder mystery party, a "fortune-telling" night, or a beauty session where you and your friends give each other manicures and pedicures while sipping Champagne.

12. Redecorate

Give your interiors a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint in your bedroom or some new soft furnishings in the living room. The only limit is your imagination - decide what ambience you want to create, then go for it.

13. Get the Team Spirit

Want to have fun, make friends and burn calories all at the same time? Then sign up for a team sport such as basketball, soccer or ice hockey.

14. Breakfast in Style

Pack a scrumptious breakfast then take it to a scenic spot such as the beach or a local park. Bring either a book or a friend.

15. Get Your Dancing Shoes On

With so many different styles of dancing, there’s bound to be something for you, whether it’s tap, hip hop, salsa or ballroom - it will do wonders for your waistline and your coordination. Are you excited to try some of these ideas? Or do you have a plan of your own for how to give yourself a new lease of life? Let us know by commenting below!