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Many studies have shown that those who team up with a friend while losing weight are far more successful than those who try to go it alone. While Phen Caps will boost your energy levels and suppress your appetite, a weight loss buddy can keep you motivated and offer support and advice; someone who knows what you’re going through and can keep you company during your weight loss journey. So don’t be a loser, find a weight loss buddy and start losing weight even faster!

What is a Weight Loss Buddy?

A weight loss buddy is simply someone who joins you on your journey to lose weight, get in shape, and improve your health. It could be a friend, neighbor, colleague or family member who joins you on your daily work outs, or it could be a long distance weight loss buddy who you keep in touch with to share your progress and help motivate each other towards your goals.

What Makes a Good Weight Loss Buddy?

While we can pick our friends and partners for qualities we like, those qualities may not always be optimum for your weight loss buddy. Your best friend may not want to tell you that you shouldn’t be eating that last mouthful of cake, whereas your weight loss buddy will have no such problems telling you to put the fork down now! The best weight loss buddies share a common goal, support each other to get there, and are not afraid to tell it how it is!

The Benefits of Weight Loss Buddies

1. Accountability

Motivation can be a serious problem when we try to lose weight on our own. When there’s no one asking us for progress updates or pushing us to exercise, like a personal trainer, it can be easier to slip back into bad habits. A weight loss buddy might not push you quite as hard as a personal trainer, but they keep you accountable to someone other than yourself. For example, when you have someone counting on you to join them for a run, you’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button and hide under the covers.

2. Support

Another reason we sometimes give up on weight loss goals, is that it seems that no one supports us or understands the changes we’re trying to make. Maybe your family isn’t on board with your new routine or dietary choices, but your weight loss buddy is right there with you to support you and understand what you’re going through. They understand because they’re going through it too – both the ups and the downs.

3. Feedback & Advice

A workout buddy can bring new input into your work outs, which can help you in learning more along the way. They may have made the same mistakes before, so having someone to learn from can be really invaluable. For example, they might notice while you’re at the gym that your lifting techniques are putting a strain on your back, or could offer new ways to make your morning run more effective. And it’s not all just about exercise, maybe they’ve found a great new recipe for a super healthy dinner idea, or the nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit, sharing ideas and advice about things you’re both interested in

4. Comparison

Maybe you don’t want to bore your friends with your calorie concerns, or let your colleagues know about how your monthly cycle affects your weight loss, but your weight loss buddy offers a great sounding board for all your concerns and experiences as you progress along your weight loss journey. It can just be a great relief to share, and if you know that they’ve experienced the same thing, and may even know a way to solve the problem, it’s even better.

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5. Giving

It’s not all about you though; the idea of a weight loss buddy is a two-way street. Sometimes it can take another person to help us through a difficult time, but offering support and advice can help you, too. Ever heard yourself giving someone the exact advice you were unable to see when you were in a similar position? And it’s likely that one day when you’re feeling energetic and ready to take on the world, your buddy might be a little less motivated, so feel good about returning the favor and get them back on track with their weight loss journey!

6. Fun

It’s not all about work, exercise should be fun too! Having a weight loss buddy will add a much more fun atmosphere to your work out sessions, and with them there working out will seem more like a social event rather than a task. You can catch up on gossip while you go for a jog or give your stomach muscles an extra work out laughing at each other’s moves at the back of your dance class. You could also meet up to do some healthy food shopping or cook your favorite healthy recipes for each other.

7. Celebration

It can also be nice to simply have someone you can talk to when you reach your goals, big or small. A weight loss buddy is there to rejoice with you and make you realize that what you’ve accomplished is truly amazing. Your weight loss buddy always wants the best for you and they’re ready to help you celebrate, keeping you moving towards your next goal!

8. New Friends

Not everyone has someone they can call on to be their weight loss buddy, so a great idea is to ask around at work if there’s anyone in a similar situation who needs some support and motivation for their weight loss journey. Alternatively, try asking around at the gym or get chatting to others in an exercise class to see if there’s anyone who is also on the look-out for a buddy, and someone who may have just been an acquaintance before could become a great friend!

9. Making Connections

If you’re not lucky enough to be able to find someone to be your weight loss buddy, a virtual buddy is the next best thing. There are many weight loss forums out there with millions of people across the world in the same situation, ready to offer motivation, support and advice, so get online and get chatting!

Have you got a weight loss buddy? Let us know how you help each other by commenting below!