7 Tips to Drink More Water

You’ll often see drinking more water as a top tip for weight loss, and with good reason; drinking more water enables your body to function better, releases water weight, helps to fill you up, and it’s calorie-free. While the recommended amount of water that you should drink each day ranges from eight glasses to a gallon, it’s certain that we should all be drinking more. Here are some great tips to drink more water.

1. Drink Up First Thing

Make it a part of your morning routine to go to the kitchen and drink a tall glass of water first thing. The water will fill you up and get things going to prevent bloating. The water will also wake up your body and help you to burn more calories by giving your metabolism a jump-start.

2. Carry A Bottle With You

Keeping hydrated with water is great for glowing skin, sparkling eyes and healthy skin, making you even more beautiful. Make sure you have a bottle of water in your bag all the time as water is also great weight loss booster, helping you to feel full and stopping thirst from masquerading as hunger. This is a great habit to get into as you will be able to take sips from your bottle when you’re on the go, then fill up when you’re at work or home. Once you get used to it you’ll wonder how you ever managed without having a supply of water on you at all times.

3. Tea Counts Too

If you feel like a change from water or fancy something warming, tea also counts towards your water quota for the day, and it can have added weight loss benefits too, as long as you skip the sugar. Supermarkets have so many varieties of teas these days, from mandarin-flavored green tea to a fragrant oolong tea, you’ll be spoilt for choice finding your favorite. And, next time you’re at a coffee house, opt for a speciality tea infused with delicious flavors like coconut or cinnamon and enjoy a calorie-free beverage instead of a diet-destroying coffee with all the works.

4. Before And During Meals

Drink a glass of water about twenty minutes before every meal to calm down hunger pangs and help you feel fuller so that you don’t get to your meal over-hungry and eat too quickly. You should also have a glass of water on the table while you’re eating and a big jug of water to fill up your glass when it’s empty as this will help you to eat slower, fill you up more as you eat, and also aid digestion.

5. Get Fruity

Adding fruit to your water makes things more interesting; a slice of lemon gives a great citrusy flavor, but how about some frozen berries instead of ice cubes for a fun way to cool your water? Or, pretend it’s cocktail hour by adding some mint and lime to soda water! A hint of fruity sweetness in your water is a great way to reduce cravings and stop mindless snacking.

6. Keep Water In Sight

Studies have shown that slimmer people tend to have healthy foods like fruit out on show in the kitchen while overweight people’s kitchens are more likely to have unhealthy food on display, showing that we tend to consume what we are more likely to see in front of us. Use this knowledge to your advantage and keep water at the front of the fridge, make sure to have a bottle of water on clear display on your desk, plus another one next to your bed, and one on the coffee table for when you’re relaxing.

7. Add Phen Drink

Wouldn’t it be great if your water could work even better to help you lose weight? Well it can! By adding the weight-loss-boosting Phen Drink to your eight glasses a day, you can ensure that you’re getting even more metabolism-boosting and appetite-suppressing effects as you hydrate with H20, plus the great taste of fresh green tea and with no added carbs or calories.

We all know that drinking more water is essential for our health and is one of the keys to successful weight loss, and although it can be hard getting into the habit, by following these tips, you’ll be glugging away all day long in no time! However, while water is great at suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism, if you need more help to reach your weight loss goals, then adding a weight loss supplement to your daily routine will give you just the boost you need to succeed!

Do you have any tips of your own for how to drink more water? Let us know by commenting below.

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