eat healthy on budget

As we all know healthy eating is crucial for weight loss, we also know it is crucial to staying healthy and strong throughout our lives. Despite this fact, many of us seem to shift towards the unhealthy, processed and frozen food, majorly hindering our diet progress. There are many reasons for making this mistake knowingly - namely, convenience and cost. However, the whole idea that frozen and processed foods cost less is false, for the most part. There are many foods you can buy from the grocery store that cost much, much less than the foods found in the freezer aisle. Fruits and vegetables have become more expensive in the US, however if you can find local markets, they are often cheaper. Or, buying only produce in season can also keep costs down. To give our readers some help when it comes to buying healthy, affordable food, we have created a list for you with foods that will help with your waistline and budget!

Brown Rice

Not only is it very affordable, at only $1.75 for a 1-pound bag, but it is also filling (4g protein per serving), nutritious and a great addition to many foods. Brown rice is much better than white rice, as brown rice is a whole grain (not bleached), contains a good amount of fiber, keeps you fuller for longer and has antioxidants. Secondly, brown rice is easy to incorporate into any meal, like cooking with veggies, beans, in a soup, or in a cold salad with green peas.

Fresh Spinach

Spinach is a great item to have in your everyday diet, as it has a large amount of protein for a vegetable, provides omega-3s, antioxidants, and is just overall a true superfood. Not only that, but it is always available at the shop and very affordable, at roughly $2 a bag. Spinach is a very diverse food, you can use it as a base in a healthy salad, steam them to go with fish or another protein, use it in a smoothie, cooked with your brown rice, the list goes on!

Frozen Vegetables

Ideally for most, we would prefer fresh vegetables, however they can be expensive, depending where and when they are bought. Fortunately, there is a cheaper, alternative way to get the most important food group into your diet. Frozen vegetables cost about $1.75 - $2.50 per bag, and you only need 1 cup for a proper serving. Although frozen, this food source gives you crucial vitamins like C and A, protein, potassium and fiber. Much like the other foods on this list, they can be cooked with a variety of things, like brown rice, stir fry, soups, casseroles, or steamed on their own.

healthy food on a budget


A classic staple used for centuries, oats are a great and inexpensive food for a nutritious breakfast or snack. Needing only about a ½ cup of dried oats per serving, which costs just a few cents and provides a great amount of fibre and protein. Oats, or oatmeal, for breakfast has been said to greatly assist in weight loss, as your body breaks it down slowly, burning more calories and staying fuller, for longer. You can eat this the simple way, by just adding some hot water and a little brown sugar or natural honey, or you could mix it with low-fat yogurt and berries for a yummy parfait!

Canned Tuna

If we have learned anything about healthy eating and weight loss, it is the importance of protein and omega-3s! Canned tuna meets both of those needs, while being well under budget, versatile, and yummy! You can buy canned tuna anywhere for between $1 and $2, , depending on the amount, so it really is a great thing to keep stocked up. Not only is it going to keep you full and healthy, keeping the weight off, but it is also very convenient. You can simply eat the tuna straight out of the can for a snack, with lettuce and pepper on whole wheat bread, in a pasta dish, in salads, or casseroles. However, avoid eating it every day, as tuna does contain mercury, which is fine in occasional doses.


Legumes, which consist of different beans, like kidney, pinto, black and white beans, as well as garbanzo beans and different types of lentils, are all part of the legume family. This tasty variety is stacked full with protein, fiber and nutrients, keeping your body full and fueled. The cost of these items is very affordable for any family, as you can buy them in either jars or dried in a bag for under a dollar. Legumes are often eaten as a meat substitute in all types of different dishes, like tacos, fajitas, cold salads, stews, and on their own.

Altering the outlook that healthy food is too expensive for ordinary people must be broken in our society if we are going to be a healthy weight, and healthy in general. Here are just the top 6 ingredients here, but there are many other healthy items which can be bought on a budget. Some of these items include potatoes, whole wheat pasta, in-season fruit and veg, and natural yogurt. Incorporating a weight loss supplement is also a great way to keep weight at bay and suppress your appetite, naturally eating less.

What do you think about these foods, would you incorporate them into your shopping list? Or do you have any other favorites which should be included? Comment below!