5 Star Fat Burner EXPLAINED

5 Star Fat Burner EXPLAINED
You may have seen promotion for 5 Star Fat Burner, or even heard one of our Phen ambassadors speaking about their experience with the supplement. But what does it do? And how does it work? Here we’ll explain what gives 5 Star Fat Burner its unbeatable fat burning power, and how this supplement fits into your overall fitness journey!

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The Purpose

5 Star Fat Burner helps you burn more fat and lose more weight than diet and exercise alone. This supplement contains clinically-proven key ingredients that promote faster fat breakdown, more fat burning and overall greater weight loss.

Watch the animated video below for a one-minute summary of how 5 Star Fat Burner works & how to take it, or keep reading for the complete explanation!

How It Works

5 Star Fat Burner achieves its unbeatable fat burning power with a unique, all-natural formulation. Two clinically-proven key ingredients, plus five supporting substances, allow this supplement to achieve maximum efficiency. The key ingredients are Capsimax® and GreenSelect® Phytosome®.


Capsimax® is a patented hot pepper extract that helps your cells release more stored fat, and then boosts metabolism to burn away excess fat.

The first effect of Capsimax® is increased lipolysis. This term refers to the process in which stored fat is released from your cells and into the bloodstream. From there, fat is circulated to your muscles and burned as energy during your daily activities. When you burn more stored fat during your everyday activities it helps you lose fat and inches faster than diet and exercise alone.

Second, Capsimax® speeds up your metabolism. Like any spicy food, this supplement naturally increases core body temperature. Since your body likes to stay at a very specific temperature, your metabolism revs to bring the body temperature back to normal as quickly as possible. With your metabolism in overdrive, you burn more calories both at rest and during exercise.

Research shows that adding Capsimax® to your daily routine can help you lose more inches and burn more fat than diet and exercise alone.

GreenSelect® Phytosome®

GreenSelect® Phytosome® is a high-quality green tea extract that contains a concentrated form of EGCG, a natural antioxidant. In one clinical trial, subjects taking green tea phytosome for 12 weeks lost two to three times more weight loss, plus shed more inches, than those who relied on diet and exercise alone.

These benefits result chiefly from green tea extract’s ability to increase the amount of fatty acids burned as fuel, which ultimately helps you burn more body fat.

Other Ingredients in 5 Star Fat Burner

5 Star Fat Burner is also formulated with other natural ingredients to support the already-powerful fat burning effects of GreenSelect® Phytosome® and Capsimax®.

The supplement’s additional ingredients include:

• Chromium
• Oligofructose
• Raspberry ketone
• Pomegranate seed extract
• 5-HTP

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When to Take It

5 Star Fat Burner should be taken twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. We suggest taking one capsule with breakfast, and the other right after dinner. 5 Star Fat Burner does not contain any caffeine, so it is perfectly-suited to help you burn more fat throughout the day and night!

Is 5 Star Fat Burner right for me?

Looking to burn more fat and lose more inches than with diet and exercise alone? Want to achieve these results with an all-natural supplement that contains absolutely NO caffeine? 5 Star Fat Burner is the supplement for you!

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As always, individual results vary. Healthy diet, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle are critical to achieving weight loss success. Also make sure to check with your doctor before taking 5 Star Fat Burner.