Eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking lots of water and maintaining your weight with a diet supplement are all fantastic (and crucial) ways to stay in shape and keep healthy. However, there is a missing piece here, Can you guess?

Exercise! Now, we don’t need to be Olympic athletes, but getting a reasonable amount of exercise is very important in staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Generally, one should get a minimum of 30 minutes of activity per day, preferably more, if possible. I know many people reading this are like myself, a busy mom with young kids who barely has time to sit down, let alone exercise. I completely understand! However, the fact is exercise is important, for both us and our children, so why not find a way to make it work for all of us, at once, saving time and burning calories? So, since this is an obvious need for many mothers out there, I decided to comprise a top 5 list of fun activities you can do with your kids, while burning calories!

1. Play Tag

Remember tag? I think we all had this game when we were younger, running around trying to ‘tag’ another so we would no longer have to be the dreaded ‘it’. From what I recall, you can sure work up quite a sweat with this simple game, not to mention, your kids are sure to love it. If you happen to have a large yard or park/field nearby, take your kids over and have a classic game of tag! To make it even more interesting, invite some of the other neighbourhood mothers to join in with their kids, the more the merrier! You may feel silly at first, but I guarantee after a few minutes, you’ll be having a blast – And blasting calories!

2. Have A Water Fight

If you live in a hot climate like myself (I live in Texas), the summer months are very demanding and sometimes you just need a good cool off, without having to travel anywhere. While this can often prove to be difficult, I have the perfect solution for you: A water fight! Grab some water guns, water balloons and other water squirt toys, grab your kids, maybe even the neighbours, and get to it! This activity is very similar to playing tag when it comes to the calorie burn, not to mention it will be lots of fun!

3. Jump Rope

When looking to just do something simple, a little challenging and fun, you can’t go wrong with jump rope! Not only is it a favored exercise for kids, but also a very effective exercise for the adults. You could potentially burn up to 1,286 calories per hour (depending on your weight), and many claim this is the best exercise for shedding pounds.


4. Cleaning Day

I know everyone is going to love this one! Doing something you actually have to do, while burning calories, is the ultimate solution for pretty much anyone trying to lose weight. Not only that, but your kids can get used to helping with chores, which we all know will come in use for the future! You can burn upwards of 136 calories an hour doing general cleaning, which is not a lot, but every bit counts. Want to spice it up a bit? Dance while you do it! Your kids will love it and chances are, so will you!

5. Activity Day

When everyone has a day free, avoid lounging inside and instead, plan an activity day! Round up the family and do something where everyone can get active, laugh and burn some energy. You can do something like take the family to a rock climbing center, go bowling, ice skating, or opt for something free, like a hike in the woods, a bike ride, rollerblading, something everyone can enjoy. This gets everyone’s mind off of lazing around the house, snacking out of boredom, resulting in a great day of fun!

I can imagine many mothers may find activities with kids can be a hassle, however organizing something simple and close to home takes a lot of stress off. Not to mention, with television, the internet and video games, families just don’t spend enough time together like they used to! These are great ways to get active, spend quality time with your family and have a good laugh. Not to mention, making fun out of chores has been a mother’s mystery for years!