10 Healthy Habits To Boost Weight Loss

10 Healthy Habits To Boost Weight Loss
Weight loss isn’t easy, but there are ways that you can make it easier for yourself to succeed. We all know we should be taking the stairs instead of the elevator and switching white bread and pasta for wholegrain, but there are ways to indirectly boost weight loss just by getting organized, changing your routine and shopping better. These kinds of easy to achieve, healthy habits make life and weight loss a whole lot more possible – here are ten ideas to get you started!

1. Always Eat Breakfast

Eating healthy isn’t about deprivation, in fact, we’re telling you to EAT to lose weight! If you’re a breakfast-skipper, think about it, you’ve gone hours and hours without eating, so you’re forcing your body to run on empty for a few more hours? It doesn’t sound like a smart move. With no fuel for the morning, your body’s reaction is to think that there are lean times ahead, meaning that it will turn your metabolism right down and cling onto any fat that comes its way, i.e. you are less likely to lose weight. If your excuse is a lack of time, make a fruit smoothie the night before and you’re good to go.

If you just can’t face food in the morning then your absolute minimum should be a glass of skimmed milk to give you some filling protein and an energy boost, but aim to eat something like fruit or some toast within an hour or two when you feel ready.

2. Write A To-Do List

Having your daily tasks written down helps to keep you focused, and allows you to prioritize the most important things while also saving you time and stopping you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Furthermore, when you can tick off your completed tasks you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and positivity that will boost your motivation in other areas of your life, including your weight loss journey.

3. Don’t Grocery Shop When You’re Hungry (Or Stuffed)

You’ve probably read that you shouldn’t go to the supermarket when you’re hungry as you’re bound to come home with a few unhealthy treats, and maybe some empty packets too. For those reasons this is good advice, but, it’s also a mistake to go grocery shopping with a full belly. If you’re feeling stuffed, it’s hard to anticipate how hungry you will get, which means you’re not in a good place to plan ahead with filling meals and healthy snacks that will keep you from ordering a take-out or hitting the vending machine. Leave it a while after your meal to head to the supermarket, and if you do feel a little hungry then opt for a small healthy snack to keep cravings at bay while you browse the aisles.

4. Get A Liquid Boost

We all know that drinking water is great to give your weight loss a boost, but you can take it one step further by adding Phen Drink to your eight glasses a day for even more weight loss benefits. Phen Drink is the ultimate detox to reset your body with the help of cleansing natural ingredients such as green tea and chamomile while also boosting metabolism with EGCG, ginger and guarana. The sweet and fruity taste also helps you to kick your soda habit, and all with no calories, carbs or sugar – just great taste and great results!

5. De-Clutter Your Home

Your environment is crucial to your mood and stress levels, which both affect weight and your ability to lose it. So, organize your wardrobe, clear out the spare room, throw away out-of-date food in the kitchen – trust us, you’ll feel much better afterwards, and it will keep you occupied for a while. With a de-cluttered living environment, you’ll be much better able to concentrate on establishing a calm living environment and a more organized routine, meaning less stress, a happier you and more weight loss!

6. All Food Deserves A Plate

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t eat standing up, but since many of us are guilty of the bad habit of mindless snacking when we’re on the couch or sat in front of a computer, the sitting down isn’t always so much of an issue. When you feel like a snack, take a plate and build a mini-meal which combines sources of fiber, protein and healthy fats - think whole grain crackers with peanut butter, vegetable crudités with a spoonful of hummus, or Greek yogurt with some fresh raspberries. Not only will you be much more satisfied with these types of ‘mini-meals’, the empty plate will serve as a reminder that you’ve eaten so you’re less likely to go back for more, which we tend to do if we eat straight from the packet.

7. Stock Up On Pantry Supplies

Having a well-stocked pantry makes it easier to avoid the lure of the take away menu, so every time you do your grocery shopping, make a point of getting a tin, jar or packet of healthy food - think garbanzo beans, lentils, whole grain pasta, tinned tuna, and brown rice. That way, you’ll never run out of these basic supplies, which, with the help of some veggies, are the essence of many simple and healthy dishes.

8. Put Your Fruit On Display

Don’t hide your fruit in the cupboard, make a feature of it by keeping it on display on the kitchen counter. Or, if you have a table in the kitchen, make fruit a centerpiece so it’s super easy to grab some fresh fruit when you’re sat at the breakfast table or looking for a snack. The same goes with fruit which needs to be kept in the fridge – make sure it’s within easy reach and you’ll be sure to reach for it more often than if it were stuck at the back.

9. Add To Your Recipe Repertoire

Make a point of learning some healthy simple recipes that you can whip up in around 30 minutes or less, perfect them over a week or two and then try to find another that you’d like to tackle. These days we have access to a lot of recipes online, many of them with reviews and added tips, so it’s easier than ever to find ways to incorporate healthy foods into simple tasty dishes. Also, learning how to create those special touches, such as sauces and seasonings to bring out the flavor of your food, will mean you don’t have to rely so much on salt, fat and sugar. You don’t have to be an amazing cook, but having a few failsafe recipes ensures that you won’t get bored with the same dishes over and over.

10. Go To Bed Earlier

A good night’s sleep makes everything better, and it’s a great healthy habit to pick up too. As we explain here, sleep balances important hormones in the body which control hunger and satiety; when you don’t get enough sleep, not only do you not have the energy to concentrate on being healthy, your brain has to struggle with false hunger signals too. This doesn’t mean that you can skip those morning workouts in favor of a lie-in, but sleep is certainly an important part of your weight loss success story, so be sure not to skimp on it.

Here you can see that these small changes to your daily habits can direct you towards healthier eating and a less stressful lifestyle, meaning more weight loss without you even trying! Of course, in addition to these great ways to save on calories, beat stress and help your body work better, we recommend taking Phen Caps to give yourself the best chance at weight loss. Phen Caps suppress appetite and boost energy levels, making it all the more possible for you to eat healthily and enjoy an active lifestyle.

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