10 Benefits of Losing Weight

benefits of losing weight
Why do you want to lose weight? To look better, feel better, get healthier? Maybe you want to be able to play with your children without getting out of breath, maybe you want to avoid heart disease or diabetes, or maybe you just want to fit into those jeans at the back of your wardrobe. Whatever your reasons, thinking back to these will keep you motivated in times of doubt or difficulty.

However, as people progress and begin to see the results they had hoped for on the scale, they often begin to experience and notice even more added benefits to their weight loss than they had expected. Here we share 10  benefits of losing weight from two different stages of the weight loss process. 

Benefits of Losing 10 Percent of Body Weight

A New Spring in Your Step

Losing weight won’t solve all your problems, but it will certainly put a spring in your step – both physically and psychologically.

When you’re overweight you’re carrying around too much weight for your frame, meaning that there’s more pressure on your body and joints, as if you were carrying around a backpack full of bags of flour, slowing you down, make you tired and therefore mean you have less energy and inclination to do everyday tasks. Phen Caps are perfect to give you the energy boost you need to get you started, but losing just a few pounds means your load is lighter and therefore you’ll be able to do things more easily and quickly.

This will then release extra energy for you meaning a win-win situation as you start incorporating more activity into your life and therefore get even healthier.

Healthier Lifestyle

This extra energy and increased level of activity has a knock-on effect on your mood too; feel-good chemicals are released as a result of healthier eating and more exercise, meaning that expecting to feel better about yourself and life in general is not a false expectation, but rather one of the amazing positive outcomes of starting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 

Long Term Health

Losing weight is the best thing you can do for your long term health, but even just dropping a few pounds can have an immediate effect on your health. Within just a few weeks you’ll notice that you’re able to walk upstairs without getting out of breath, feel less tired, that you’re able to sleep better, get sick less often, and suffer from fewer aches and pains as a result of excess weight.

Looking Fantastic

The visible changes that come as a result of healthier living will also inspire you to keep on with your new lifestyle. Drinking all that water and upping your intake of fruit, veggies, and crucial vitamins and minerals doesn’t just make you healthier, it also makes you look healthier too. Think: shiny hair, clear glowing skin, strong nails and sparkling eyes – and who wouldn’t want all of those?! For the healthy foods which also make you look more beautiful, take a look here.

Better Self-Esteem

Often, people losing weight find that what seemed impossible a few months ago is a part of their everyday life, whether it’s making healthy choices, accepting new challenges or getting a little stronger each day, and this kind of self-improvement brings even more positive changes to your outlook, and a big boost to your self-esteem.

Exercise in particular has been shown to increase self-esteem and reduce negative self-image, so it’s important to find ways to make your workout more fun. And, losing weight doesn’t just improve your body image and self-esteem, it can also improve your confidence in other areas of your life. Setting weight loss goals and achieving them often inspires people to seek improvement in other areas of their life, such as realizing dreams of travel or pursuing a new career.

Benefits of Losing 20 Percent of Body Weight

Benefits of Losing 20 Percent of Body Weight

Improved Sex Life

Excess weight causes an increase in chemicals in the body which then bind with testosterone, decreasing your ability to become sexually stimulated, but by losing as little as 10lbs you can begin to reverse this effect. Combined with the improved self-esteem, a better body image, and more energy that come with losing weight, increased sexual desire is an added bonus of weight loss.

Saving Money

Getting healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to mean expensive fad diets and overpriced gym memberships – in fact, saying you can’t afford to lead a healthier lifestyle is one of the biggest diet excuses out there.

There are many healthy and affordable foods, plus it’s much cheaper to fill your freezer with batches of home-cooked meals than resort to take aways when you don’t feel like cooking. And, as this British mom showed, it’s possible to lose a significant amount of weight just exercising in your own home without any special equipment so there’s no need to worry about the price of a gym. Lastly, if you need any more convincing, researchers at Harvard found that when you include the cost savings from preventing health problems – a saving of $2.71 for every dollar spent on your healthier lifestyle – you and your wallet still come out way ahead.

New Hobbies

Being overweight can be very restricting, and excess weight can form a type of barrier between you and the world. This can be a physical barrier, as you may not be able to do the things you want to do for health and fitness reasons, such as getting out of breath easily, medical issues as a result of obesity, or just a lack of energy.

Then there are the mental barriers, whereby obese people can step back slightly, and stop themselves from trying new things or doing things that they used to do out of fear or other psychological barriers constructed over time. Losing weight can help you see a new side to yourself as the mental and physical barriers become weaker and you feel better able to take on new challenges, revisit old hobbies and interests, and try new styles.

Reduced Stress

Stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle are all intrinsically linked; by leading a healthier lifestyle not only will you lose weight, you will see improvements in stress levels and you’ll be able to sleep better, both of which in turn will help to boost weight loss by balancing hormone levels and reducing cravings for unhealthy foods. Exercise in particular is a great stress reliever, and it helps to regulate sleep levels too so you’ll feel calmer, more energetic and better able to manage other problems you might face along the way.

Setting A Good Example

The perception we have of ourselves and our bodies are greatly influenced by the people around us, so much so that we have a much higher chance of being obese if we have obese friends. But, the good news is that it works both ways; by losing weight and getting healthier we set a really great example for our friends and family, and this is even more important if you have children who look up to you. Showing your children that you can overcome obstacles and really make the effort to improve yourself are some of the best lessons you can teach them, not to mention that your increased activity levels and improved eating habits will make your kids more likely to follow suit.

It’s true, you really have everything to gain by losing weight! But, if you need help to kick start your weight loss journey then we recommend Phen Caps to give you the boost you need. With their combination of nine active ingredients, Phen Caps increase your energy levels and suppress appetite, meaning that making healthy choices will be so much easier, and that weight loss success will be a whole lot easier to achieve!

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