Why Phen

Phen Caps, the official supplement alternative to Phentermine

Phen Caps was created by Careworld, a company based in Miami, FL. to provide a safe non-prescription alternative to Phentermine.

Many supplements are currently sold in the market using names similar to the prescription drug: phentermine. Since phentermine is a difficult name to pronounce, marketing companies have started to commercialise products named: phentramine, phentarmine, phentirimine, phen375, etc.

It's very easy to get confused and you may just discover that you bought a supplement that doesn't work when you were looking for a real medication.

First, you must know that it is NOT possible to order phentermine on the internet if you don't have a valid prescription. If you see a website selling Phentermine online it may be a rogue site selling fake phentermine, or a site selling a supplement that just doesn't work.

After receiving many complaints Phentermine.com decided to launch Phen Caps, a high quality supplement as a solution to replace the prescription medication Phentermine.

No prescription required

Phen is a dietary supplement which does not require a prescription.

High quality ingredients - made in USA

Phen is a product manufactured in the USA in a state-of-the-art, GMP manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality.

Easy to order

Ordering Phen Caps has never been easier. Since no prescription is required, you can place your order online and have your product delivered at home.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be pleased with Phen Caps. If you are not 100% satisfied with Phen Caps, for whatever reason, simply send your order back within thirty (30) days of purchase for a full refund! 
The guarantee is valid for one opened and all unopened bottles. You have nothing to lose... only excess pounds!

Great taste

Did you notice that many supplements don't taste good at all?
Phen has been created to be easy to take and comes with a great raspberry taste (Phen Caps contain Raspberry Ketones, a very effective weight loss ingredient recommended by Dr. Oz).

Why Phen

Phentermine VS Phen Caps PhenterminePhen
Average price - 30-day-supply $119 $49
Suppresses appetite    
Increases energy    
Non herbal    
Available without prescription    
Burns fat    
Legal to buy online    
Delivery to all 50 states    
Free shipping - 60-day-supply    
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